Huawei P20/P20 Pro update fixes Play Store certification; August security patch now live

Huawei is one of the very few proverbial smartphone manufacturers that albeit heavy skin, offer regular software updates. This is one reason the Chinese OEM has evolved and become so popular among the users. The beta program for Android 10 based on EMUI 10 has already been started by Huawei for the P20 series. A next set of devices eligible has also been unveiled.

The Huawei Mate series is younger than the P20 series. The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro received the EMUI 9.1 update in the last couple of months as the July 2019 Security Patch. However, this update triggered and consequently broke the Certification of Play Store and not just that it also tripped the SafetyNet green status for P20 as well as P20 Pro.

This eventually ended up in the users of both the phones having to stay away from banking and media streaming apps without downgrading to the older builds of the software.

For the P20 Pro users, it was easy as they could download a new build with build number –, along with the August patches from the official Update Server of Huawei. But still, picture wasn’t clear enough for the SafetyNet status.

Huawei P20/P20 Pro update fixes Play Store certification; August security patch now live

But nothing to worry anymore as the Huawei P20/P20 Pro update finally fixes Play Store certification and also brings August security patch.

huawei p20 and p20 pro august security update

The size of this update is quite big – 4GB. From the observation made, it is clear that the update also includes GMS package update. The build version is The Play Store Certification issue has been finally fixed by Huawei on P20 and P20 Pro through this update.

  • Device: CLT-L29C432
  • Build number: CLT-L29
  • Product Base version: CLT-LGRP2-OVS
  • System Version: System
  • Google GSM Version: 9_201905
  • GSM Baseband version: 21C20B369S009C000
  • Build date: Thu Aug 1 18:42:52 CST 2019
  • Power Genius version:
  • Camera version:
  • System UI version:
  • Android security patch: August 1, 2019
  • Kernel version: 4.9.148
  • Kernel date: Thu Aug 1 11:22:55 CST 2019
  • EMUI Version: EmotionUI_9.1.0
  • Source

The users might soon receive the OTA Update, if not yet. Be patient if you can until then or you can also force the update using the HiCare app.  But just make sure that you download this update over a WiFi connection, for its huge size.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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