How to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool

Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool: Most of us often go for the best options to customize and use our phones the way we want; by rooting and installing Custom ROMs on it. But little do we know at the time of installation that not all phones are suitable for this. When its the time we come to know that the phone was better off without the Root or ROMs and wish to roll back to the Samsung stock firmware, there is where Odin Tool comes into the Picture.

With the help of the Odin tool, you can install the Samsung Stock Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy devices. The stability of the OEM software in case of Samsung devices turns out to be more reliable and trustworthy. Even if you have already installed the Custom ROMs or rooted your Samsung Galaxy devices specifically, you can roll back to the Samsung stock firmware when you want through the help of Odin tool. If you want to know how, keep reading further.

What is Odin Tool?

Odin is a software tool that is basically used internally at all Samsung service centers for updating or flashing firmware to Samsung devices. Honestly speaking, this software tool was never meant to help people publicly but because of the ever-increasing growth of Samsung Galaxy devices Odin tool is used generally as a means to cover up jobs such as flashing the stock firmware Samsung ROMs, custom recoveries like TWRP, custom kernels, etc

Download Samsung Stock Firmware For Samsung Galaxy J2 Core:

The Odin Flashable firmware can be downloaded from anywhere renown on the internet due to its availability. Some of them are given here for you to download. All you have to do is search the index for your device model and then download the desired stock ROM or firmware for your region or carrier.




Do note that you should never download a firmware of any other device or variant or carrier since that may cause issues later on like bricked phone. Rather just flash compatible firmware that is designed specifically for your device.

Pre-Requisite for Installing Stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool:

Before getting into the actual process of installing the Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool, let us first see the prerequisite that you will need to fulfill in order to proceed to the installation procedure.

  • Charge your Samsung Device: Do not let the uncharged device be a hindrance in your determined task. Charge at least 70% on your device so that throughout the process it works as you want it to. This will save your device from shutting down in between the flashing process.
  • Install the USB Drivers for your device: Installing the appropriate USB Drivers suitable to your device is a must. Make sure you have the right Samsung Drivers installed on your PC for your device since later we will need to connect the Samsung device to your PC, this is a crucial one.
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In case you have the Samsung Kies installed on your Windows PC, you will have to completely close it while using the Odin Tool. Since this could affect the process and may lead to a soft brick of your Samsung device.

  • Download Odin Tool: And what would you do without the tool?  You can download the Odin tool from the link given above. Do note that for some of the Android versions, you will have to download the specific Odin tool. Just like Odin v1.85 for Gingerbread/ ICS, Odin v3.09 for JellyBean or KitKat, etc. For any latest Android version like Oreo or Nougat, you can download the latest Odin.
  • Boot your Samsung device into Download Mode: If you might be knowing, then in almost all the Android phones and tablets, the flashing process is done in the Fastboot or bootloader mode but in case of Samsung devices, it’s not the case. This uniqueness is for all of the Samsung Galaxy devices. The process goes on in a simple and smooth way but its just a bit different for the newer devices of Samsung like Galaxy S8/S8+, Note 8, J2 Core/J2 Core+.
  • Perform a Back-Up: Just as always, we firstly recommend you to have a back up of all of your personal data before starting the process of installing stock firmware on your Samsung device with the help of Odin Tool. The very reason behind this requirement is that tweaking with the software of your device can provoke it and may result in data loss.

If you have a rooted device, you can perform the Nandroid Backup with the help of TWRP or the Titanium back up that will take the full back up of your installed apps and their associated data. Or you can simply take a complete back up of your phone’s storage.

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How to Install Stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool?

To begin with, the process of installing the stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy device, make sure you have met all the pre-requirements that we have mentioned above since those form the crucial steps of the process.

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install stock firmware on samsung glaxy j2 core

Step 1: Firstly, download Samsung Stock Firmware .zip file for your device.

Step 2: Next Extract the downloaded firmware ZIP to an easily noticeable location on your PC. These extracted firmware files should be present in .tar and .tar.md5 format.

Step 3: Then Extract the Odin ZIP (e.g., Odin3 zip) to a location on your PC that can easily be located.

Step 4: Now open the extracted folder (e.g., Odin3 zip) and double click on Odin Flash Tool.exe file.

Step 5: While it is in the Download mode, connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your PC.

How to Boot Into Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

  1. Switch Off your device.
  2. Now Press and hold down the Home+ Power+ Volume Down buttons for a few seconds until you come across a warning screen.
  3. Then Press the Volume Up on the Warning screen so as to accept it and then boot into the download mode.

How to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool

Step 6: Now the COM Port will light up and in case it does not, it means the connection has not been established yet. Check for the reasons and work on the same.

How to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool

Step 7: Then click on the AP Button and select the firmware file that starts with an AP.

Step 8: Now do the same for BL, CP and CSC.

Step 9: Do note that the regular CSC file will wipe out completely from your device. So as to preserve the data, you will have to select the HOME_CSC file.

Step 10: Also, check that Auto Reboot and Factory Reset Time are ticked or selected in the Options tab. And I would recommend you to keep every thing else at its place.

Step 11: Once everything is ready, click on the Start Button to install the Samsung Stock Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Step 12: This process will in all take a few minutes to get done with. Your job is done here! Once the process gets finished, you will see a PASS message on your screen and the device will reboot and the Odin Tool window will also close.

FAQs regarding Installing Stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin Tool:

#Is the Odin Tool free to use?

Yes. The Odin tool is absolutely free to use. All you need to use it is a PC and a proper internet connection to download it.

#What if I receive the “FAIL” message in Odin Tool?

In case you are receiving the above message, all you need to do is switch off your device and then follow from step 1 again. There are a number of reasons why you would face this particular problem. One could be the very common reason, you may not be using the appropriate Odin tool or firmware or the USB Connection may be faulty.

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#What do I do if the device enters a bootloop or does not go past the Samsung Logo?

At such times, of facing a bootloop after installing this or any other software conflict, you should reboot into the stock recovery and then perform a factory data reset. For this purpose, you will, first of all have to switch your device off. Then hold down the Volume Up+ Power Key+ Home Button all of them together for a few seconds. On the No Command Screen,  hold down the Power Button and tap on the Volume Key for once. Then in stock recovery, select the option of Wipe Data or Factory Reset button for confirmation.

#What if my device is not detected by Odin or COM port does not lighten up?

This problem is more likely to be faced when there is not a connection established between your device and the PC. For times like this, firstly make sure that the Samsung kies has been disabled by you and you have properly installed Samsung USB Drivers. If this also does not work then you can try using other USB cable or switch between the USB Ports on your PC.

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Some Features of Samsung Galaxy J2 Core:

install stock firmware on samsung glaxy j2 core



  • The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core was launched in August 2018.
  • The display type on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is Capatitive touchscreen with 16M colors.
  • The screen size is 5 inches and 540*960 pixels and 16:9 ratio.
  • The Android OS is of Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • The device contains Exynos 7570 Quad chipset.
  • An Quad-core CPU and Mali-T720 GPU.
  • The device has a Single 8 MP with an LED Flash, Panorama, HDR and selfie camera being of 5 MP.
  • The battery of Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is removable with Li-Ion 2600 Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Core using Odin ToolmAh Battery.
  • The color of the device being Black, Gold and Blue. it is priced at about 6000 INR.

Final Words:

So Guys, this was all about Odin tool, how to install Samsung stock firmware by using Odin Tool. Also, we have mentioned some of the frequently asked questions.

Hope you guys found this article useful in achieving your aim. Keep visiting our page Android Jungles for more or you can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive timely notifications of our tech-related articles. If you come across any difficulties in any of the steps, feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

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