How to Edit Photo in Your Android Phone Using Lightroom

Are you a naturally gifted photographer who snaps stunning photos on an android phone? The next step to level-up your photography skills is to start editing your pictures. You can give a professional look to your clicks through editing. And, no, you don’t need any other device to edit. You can easily download an android app for it and edit your images anywhere.

Nowadays, smartphone camera quality is matching up with the quality of digital cameras. Therefore, a plethora of photo editing apps available to meet the editing needs of new-age photographers. If you are a photographer experimenting with your mobile camera and upskilling through online resources, you may have read about editing. Also, you must have come across some renowned editing software such as Lightroom.

Although mostly known as one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use editing software, Lightroom is also available as an android app. From creator to influencer to mobile-photography enthusiast, here’s how you edit your photos on the go using the Adobe Lightroom Android app:

Edit Photo in Your Android Phone Using Lightroom__

Photo editing is an art. To get a good result, you need to start with a blank canvas – a RAW photo. A RAW photograph is an unprocessed image file storing more data and offering freedom for advanced edits. 

Lightroom allows you to shoot a RAW photo through the app. While taking this image, you make basic adjustments such as exposure, white balance & more. However, it will not affect Image equality. Its capabilities to edit the RAW image is one of the main features of the Lightroom app.

  • Experiment with Presets

To simplify Lightroom Presets, think of them as filters in some android editing apps. But, presets are not rigid like filters. You can customize it as per your liking. If you dig into it, they can be quite complex to master. 

When editing your image, scroll through the editing options at the bottom to find the presets section. Once you select it, you will see a series of effects and editing styles to choose from. You can create your own presets and download them for later use. Many pro photographers offer their presets for download (often at a price). Presets are a great option for those who want faster edits.

  • Exposure and Lighting

Mostly, the smartphone camera does a good job of image exposure. But sometimes it’s not up to the mark, or sometimes you want it darker or brighter for creative choice. Regardless, Lightroom allows you to play with exposure control until you are satisfied. Professional experts suggest that you fix your exposure first before any other edit.

You will find the exposure correction options under the light button at the bottom of your screen. Try to pay close attention to your image when you are experimenting with the exposure slider to find the correct level. After that, you can play with highlights, contrast, shadows, blacks, and whites to get the lighting right.

  • Noise and Colours

Clicked one of those grainy ones again? Don’t worry. It’s one of the common image issues. You can easily clean the noise using the noise reduction slider in the Detail section. Like your photos grainy? Lightroom has your back. You can add grains to add an interesting look to your images using the Effect section.

If you like to make the colors pop in your photos, you can use the color section. Using the saturation and vibrance sliders, you can make colors stand out in your images. However, don’t go crazy with these sliders, or your images will look over-processed.

  • Crop

Sometimes, your photos may need a little trimming. Go to the Crop section in your Lightroom android app. Rotate and crop the picture as per your desire. However, keep composition in mind while cropping. Cropping can be your friend if you don’t over-do it.

A great photographer is skilled at both taking pictures and editing them. Editing has many realms and needs much more learning. With new trends showing up, you must continuously read to keep up. Similarly, Lightroom has a wide array of features. Today, we learned some basic edits using Lightroom. These steps will surely help enhance your photos. But you need to keep exploring and experimenting to learn more.

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