How to Bring Back Paused Windows Update ?

Bring back Paused Update on Windows: With the update of Windows 10 in the year of 2004, Microsoft has undergone several changes. The Windows update can not be paused any longer for more than seven days. This update can be of any kind of feature or quality.

However, there has been a hack that has been found in the Windows 10 pro which can bring back the update of course. This article will help the users who are in need of bringing back the pause update.

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How to Bring Back Paused Windows Update? 

Here’s how you can easily bring back the paused Update –

  • Click on the Windows button
  • Now search for the option group.
  • After it looks to the option there will be an option on the top which says edit group policy.
  • pause-update-windows-10
  • Simply click on that option.
  • From the menu of computer configuration, click on the administrative templates
  • pause-update-windows-10
  • Then navigate to the windows components. From there you have to go to the update of windows and then to select the option for business.
  • Now double-click on the preview and feature updates.
  • pause-update-windows-10
  • After this, click on the option for enable.
  • At the lower panel, you will see the number of days for which you would want to pause the update on your Windows device.
  • pause-update-windows-10

Note – keep in mind that this update can only defer up to 365 days.

  • To finally pause the quality updates, you have to double-click on the selective and quality updates received.
  • Simply enable it.
  • Then, set the number of days in the lower panel. But you will have to defer the quality updates every 30 days.
  • pause-update-windows-10

That’s it. You have successfully brought back a paused Update on Windows.

Deferring Windows 10 Updates as they were initially:

This is how an individual can pause the Windows 10 updates for a longer period of time. Even though it cannot be a permanent removal of the 2004 version of Windows 10, this still provides a temporary solution.

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This can get tiresome  but it can still be a temporary solution for those who wish not to install or update their Windows. It will not bring back the times when an individual could choose the option when updates could be installed.

This article although helps people who wished to completely block the Windows 10 updates. If any individual follows the procedures which are mentioned above and is divided into four steps it will help them. It is explained in a detailed and easy language.

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