How to Get Free iPhone Without Offers

Get Free iPhone Without Offers: iPhones, as we all know, are the business class version of the smartphones. They have their prices placed on the higher side as well.  But talking about the market share then they are the most preferred ones in the market right now. So due to its prestigious features and the fashion accessory they are perhaps the most attractive phones right now. So now let us have a look at how to get Free iPhone Without Offers. While you are here, you can also consider checking out our guide on How to Get Free Government Internet and Laptop.

Get Free iPhone Without Offers As a Market Agent 

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As we all know due to the competitive nature of the market every product has to market itself to grow in the industry, and Apple is no different. So in order to market even apple sometimes gives away iPhones for free without any offers. So in case, you have got huge followers in your social media handles then you have a chance to go and get considered to market the iPhone for free as well. Also in case, you do not have followers then if you are good at marketing then you have a good shot at getting the iPhone for free as well.

Get Free iPhone Without Offers From Amazon Vine

Before getting started at how to get the iPhone for free let us understand the Amazon Vine first. So it is a program that gives its users free items in return for honest reviews about their items. So the next time you purchase an item from Amazon just write a good and honest review then the Amazon might notice the same and can give you iPhone for free.

Get Free iPhone Without Offers By being a Best Reviewer from Product Testing Au

If you are a Best reviewer or surveyor and have a bit of luck going around then you have a good shot at getting a free iPhone without any offer just by-product Testing Au. So the requirements or steps to be followed are:

  1. First, you must register using your personal details, and then you will receive an email notification saying that you are a reviewer. 
  2. After than as a reviewer you will have to fill an offer based questionnaire wherein you will have to write a 500 plus word review and also attach a photo or video along with that review.
  3. Then once you are done writing the review you will receive a notification to your mail saying that you are selected as the best reviewer.
  4. Then if luck goes your way you might be delivered with a free iPhone to test and keep it. 

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