Samsung Galaxy Labs APK Download Latest Version with Battery Tracker, App Booster & a lot more

Yesterday the Korean Giant, Samsung came up with a handful of apps that were launched in the view to optimize the Android Smartphones. These apps are altogether named as Galaxy Labs. An app similar to this category was released earlier in the previous year and both the versions of that app proved to be a boon to the Samsung users. Loads of customization features were introduced by that app and now guess it the turn for Labs apps.

Galaxy Labs, which we can also call as Galaxy Suite is somewhat similar to Good Lock. A wide range of features including – app optimization, battery monitoring, and data recovery functionality will be introduced to the Samsung Galaxy devices via these apps. The 6 apps in the Galaxy Labs include –

  1. File Guardian – This app basically serves as a file manager but additionally it is also a data recovery app. One can also restore files that were permanently deleted from your phone’s internal storage or the external storage (SD Card).
  2. Battery Guardian – This app offers battery optimizations to extend battery life. It comprises of functions like Auto optimization and Sleeping apps.
  3. App Booster – This app will boost up app performance.
  4. Battery Tracker – This app tracks the battery usage of your Galaxy device. It is a monitoring tool built specifically for Samsung Galaxy devices. Hence one can monitor the entire battery usage data as well as analyze which app is causing the load on the battery. It is capable of giving you data from the last 7 days. Although one will get this feature built-in the Android 10 firmware based on One UI 2.0 yet having the Battery Tracker app will safeguard your device on Android 9 Pie.
  5. Utility App
  6. Utility Agent

Samsung Galaxy Labs APK Download

Download Samsung Galaxy Labs APK Latest Version

Here is the link to download Samsung Galaxy Labs Apk –

Just Keep in mind that the below mentioned are very early builds of the app and hence it might not work with all the Samsung Galaxy Devices. Here is a list of devices running on Android 10 or 9.0 Pie that are potentially supportive to this app –

  • Galaxy S10e
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10 Plus
  • Galaxy Note 10
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

You can certainly install this app on other devices like Galaxy S9, S8, Note 9, Note 8, etc but we are not sure if all the apps will run. The Apps will soon be shown up on the Galaxy Store, hence no need to worry.

The Galaxy Apps are now available only in the European country of the Netherlands. However, there is nothing to worry if you do not live in the Netherlands as we have got for you the latest Samsung Galaxy Labs APK –

Given below are the links to download the total 6 apps that will be required to install Samsung Galaxy Labs. As the Good Lock, the Lab Agent and Galaxy Labs are container apps. First, you will have to install them and then you can install the remaining apps.

Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy Labs Apk

Samsung Galaxy Labs APK zip –

Gdrive download 

Box mirror

Install Samsung Galaxy Labs APK

Here is a short guide on how you can install the Samsung Galaxy Labs App –

  1. Assuming that you have downloaded the Samsung Galaxy Labs APK zip from the link mentioned above, you can head to the installation process.
  2. Open the File Manager App and then extract the zip file.
  3. Firstly Install the Utility App and then install the Utility Agent.
  4. Then you can install the other add-ons.

I hope you have successfully installed the Samsung Galaxy Labs App on your device. Do let us know your experiences with the Samsung Galaxy Labs app in the comment section below.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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