Download Paranoid Android Quartz 2 for OnePlus phones

Recently, the Paranoid Android team released Android 10 based Custom ROM for a few devices most of which included OnePlus devices. This was the first Paranoid Android 10 based Stable ROM. This ROM came with a number of amazing features. And now we have received the latest Paranoid Android 10 Quartz 2 Update. If you are interested in downloading the latest Custom ROM, here is an article to help you Download Paranoid Android Quartz 2 for OnePlus phones.

Features of Paranoid Android Quartz 2

Here are the newly added features of the Paranoid Android Quartz 2 –

  • Face Unlock.
  • New volume panel.
  • New statusbar brightness slider.
  • Added support for single-tap to ambient display(only on devices with kernel support for it).
  • Fixed crash on screen recording.

Features of Paranoid Android Quartz 1

Given below are the features of Paranoid Android Quartz 1 –

  • Included GAPPS inside the zips.
    • April 2020 Security Patch Level.
    • OTA support (with deltas).
    • Adaptive Playback.
    • Screen stabilization (Gimbal mode).
    • SafetyNet (most devices).
    • Built-in screen recorder.
    • FOD support (Fingerprint On Display).
    • Pulse notifications.
    • ParanoidDoze: extended AOD support
    • Off-screen gestures.
    • Gestures support.
    • Vibration adapted UI.
    • Extended vibration system (OnePlus devices).
    • Alert Slider UI (OnePlus devices).
    • OTS: On The Spot, introduce user hint prompt system, uses a snackbar design to prompt the user for changes.
    • Pocket Mode, introduces a mode that will detect whenever your device is on the pocket and prevent it from waking.
    • Fast Charging indicator (includes OnePlus devices).
    • Quick Settings Pull Down with one finger.
    • Extended Restart.
    • Introduced Settings reset for PA features under Settings → System → Reset Options.
    • Double tap to sleep on keyguard (lockscreen) and launcher.
    • Volume Long Press to Skip Tracks.
    • Volume panel on left for devices with left volume buttons.
    • Adjusted statusbar notifications per device.
    • Navigation bar customization.
    • Improved lockscreen security
    • Caffeine tile (thanks LineageOS).
    • Extended screenshot support (thanks Pixel Experience).
    • Per-app cellular data, vpn and wifi restrictions.
    • Three finger swipe down for screenshots.
    • Pop-Up camera support.
    • Based off CAF LA.UM.8.2.r1-04200-sdm660.0 tag.

List of OnePlus devices supporting Android Quartz 1

Paranoid Android Quartz 1 is supporting the below OnePlus devices –

List of OnePlus devices supporting Android Quartz 2

Paranoid Android Quartz 2 is supporting the below OnePlus devices –

Download Paranoid Android Quartz 2 for OnePlus phones

Given below is the direct link to download Paranoid Android Quartz 2. Just note that if you are already on the Paranoid Android Quartz 1 on your OnePlus device, you will automatically get the Quartz 2 update.

Download Paranoid Android Quartz 2

List of Expected devices to receive Paranoid Android Quartz

Given below are the sevices that might get Paranoid Android Quartz in the coming time.

  • Google Nexus 6P
  • OnePlus One
  • OneOplus 7, 7T
  • Pocophone F1
  • Redmi 4A
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Dual
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Compact Dual
  • Sony Xperia XZ3 and XZ3 Dual
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T and Redmi K20
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and Redmi K20 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

I hope you have successfully downloaded Paranoid Android Quartz 2 on your Android device. In case you habe any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Happy Androiding:-)

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