Chromecast with Google TV brings ‘Apps-only’ mode to Reduce Homescreen Clutter

Chromecast with Google TV has now brought a slick ‘Apps-only’ mode in the New Chromecast Settings so as to Reduce Homescreen Clutter. 

The Google TV with new Chromecast  commencement is scheduled today along with the New Chromecast. What’s new is a Interface totally based on personalized recommendations of content.

For those who opt for minimal looks and designs, the brand new Chromecast brings a “App-only” mode which helps remove all the content recommendations and special tabs on the homescreen. This gives space for the apps.


The only addition to the apps on Chromecast with Google TV will be Google highlights at the top, comprising of picks from Google and some Sponsored content.

However, one little drawback of the mode is that Google assistant is breaking in this mode.

You can enable “Apps only” mode on Chromecast Google TV using the below simple path –

Settings > Accounts > Your primary account > Apps-Only Mode

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