How To's Boot into Fastboot How to boot Samsung Galaxy J3 into Fastboot mode
Boot into Fastboot Guide

How to boot Samsung Galaxy J3 into Fastboot mode

Irrespective of what background you belong to in the tech world and knowledge, if even you are an advanced techie or a newbie, there are some things which form an integral part of your technology world. One such fundamental things are booting your Samsung Galaxy J3 into bootloader or fastboot or what we also call as Download or Odin Mode. That is Stock or Recovery.

If you are a newbie, you might be surprisingly shocked to know that, for most of the guide articles and stuff like How-To articles, you need to know what Boot your device into Fastboot mode means. And for this same purpose, here we are with another guide article on how to Boot Into Fastboot Mode on your Samsung Galaxy J3.

Disclaimer will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to your Samsung Galaxy J3 throughout the process. Please make a note of this. Also, there might be a different key combination at times or with updates the key combinations to Boot Into the fastboot mode may change. Make sure you stay updated yourself for this purpose.

Before actually starting with the process, let us first take a note of some basics regarding fastboot mode and some related concepts for the better understanding of yours.

How to Boot Into Fastboot Mode on Samsung Phone


What is Fastboot Mode?

Fastboot is a tool which comes with the Android SDK and you can use it to re-flash partitions of our device. Because fastboot starts before android and even when android isn’t installed you can you it as an alternative of recovery mode in case recovery mode partition is corrupted. Every Galaxy J3 usually has Fastboot, but some vendors have chosen to replace Fastboot with their tool. Like Samsung, instead of Fastboot, it has Odin.

What is Recovery mode?

Recovery mode is a small Linux operating system where you can factory reset your device or update your device with vendors images.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Android PhoneHow to Boot Into Fastboot Mode on Samsung Galaxy J3?

Here we have mentioned for you two different methods on how you can Boot Into the fastboot mode on your Samsung Galaxy J3. If you fail in one, the other will surely help you out.

Method 1: How to Boot Into Download mode via Key Combinations on Samsung Galaxy J3

This is the most simple method to Boot Into fastboot mode on Samsung Galaxy J3. All you have to do is press simultaneously a certain set of key combinations.

Step 1. Switch your Samsung Galaxy J3 off.

Step 2. Now Press and hold the Power Button, Volume Down and Home Buttons for a few seconds.

Step 3. The device will now Boot Into the fastboot mode.

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Method 2: How to Boot Into Fastboot mode with ADB on Samsung Galaxy J3

The previous method may or may not be applicable to your Samsung Galaxy J3 at times. So, if you are determined enough to Boot Into fastboot mode on your Samsung Galaxy J3, then here is another method for you to try. ADB command line utility works when you connect your Android device to a computer. It lets you perform back up the partition, install applications and other such actions. The following guide shows you how to boot into Fastboot mode through ADB.

Step 1. Download ADB from Google and follow the steps given below.

Step 2. In your Samsung Galaxy J3, go to Settings > About and tap on “Build number” seven times. A message will pop out saying “you are now a developer”.

Step 3. Now go back to Settings, you will come across an option- Developer Option. Click on it, to enable USB Debugging.

Step 4. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy J3 to the computer through USB Cables and open Command Prompt.

Step 5. Now go to the platform-tools folder which was created when downloaded ADB.

Step 6. Issue ADB commands, type adb(Windows)  repeatedly.

Step 7. In the platform-tools folder, check your device is detected or not using “adb devices” command.

Step 8. Now you can boot into fastboot mode with the command “adb reboot fastboot”.

You have successfully Boot Intoed the fastboot mode.

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Method 3: How to Boot Into Odin mode by using third-party applications (Root Access Required)

You can make use of a Third party app to reboot your device into fastboot mode and it proves to be the easiest of the three methods we have mentioned here. However, the only obligation being that you should have root access on your device. So, if you have already rooted and want to reboot into fastboot mode, this is the simplest and the preferred option.

Step 1. Download and install any third party reboot apps from the Google Play Store. We would prefer the Quick Boot for this purpose.

Step 2. Open the app and grant SuperSU permissions when prompted.

Step 3. SelectBootloader from the list of options and the device will automatically boot into fastboot mode.

And you are done! You have successfully Boot Into Fastboot mode on Samsung Galaxy J3.

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Difference between Boot Loader, Recovery, Android ROM and Fastboot:

Fastboot is a protocol which can be used to connect the device from a computer over USB and issue updates to the Partitions of the device. In simpler words, while you are in the Fastboot mode, you can update by recovery partition.

The bootloader, Recovery, Android ROM. Bootloader loads first and decides the next partition be loaded which is usually the Android ROM. Recovery is the mode that is used by a device to install updates to Android ROM partition. It is also used while factory resetting the Galaxy J3. The recovery that comes by default usually has fewer options and that is why custom recovery modules are available.

Why Boot Into Fastboot Mode?

When you are in the Fastboot mode, you can modify the file system images from a computer over a USB Connection. The Fastboot mode can start your device even before android loads. Fastboot can be useful for quickly updating the firmware without having to use a recovery mode since fastboot can start on your device even before android loads or even when android is not installed at the first place.

Fastboot is the most preferred way of installing the recovery image. When you set up, you boot your Galaxy J3 to fastboot mode and you can flash image files to the internal memory. The images you flash do not need to be signed with any particular key and thus you should take utmost care when flashing.

Fastboot mode can be used to make developer options. For erasing partitions and overriding kernel command line options could be done. In all, these features make the tool very significantly useful for the development of hardware and software solutions.

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Some Features of Samsung Galaxy J3:

  • The Samsung Galaxy J3 was launched in June 2018.
  • The display type on Samsung Galaxy J3 is IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors.
  • The screen size is 5.0 inches and 720*1280 pixels and 16:9 ratio.
  • The Android OS is of Android 8.0 Oreo.
  • The device contains Exynos 7570 Quad.
  • A Quad-core CPU and Mali-T720 GPU.
  • The device has a Single 8 MP with an LED Flash, Panorama, HDR and selfie camera being of 5 MP.
  • The battery of Samsung Galaxy J3 is removable with Li-Ion 2600mAh Battery.
  • The color of the device being Black, Gold, and Blue. it is priced at about 150 EUR.

Rounding Up:

Hope you all found the article useful in Boot Into fastboot mode in your Samsung Galaxy J3. If you come across any difficulties or have any queries regarding the guide on how to Boot Into fastboot mode on Samsung Galaxy J3, you can let us know in the comment section below. Keep visiting our page for more such articles or you can also Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive timely notifications of our posts.

Happy Androiding 😊

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