Hey people, In this article you will get to know all about the steam platform. And also I will share the solution to your question about how to delete steam account. Also in this article, I will also share how to delete steam account from your device. So, keep reading.

Well, in the following paragraphs you will get to know about the steps on how to delete steam account, and also I will share some information and tips about steam platform as well.

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I think some of you do not have much information about what is steam and what’s use for it. So, let me first share basic information about steam.

So, let’s start with the steam.

All you need to know about Steam –

Steam is a gaming platform that allows you to upload and play games. It supports multiplayer games and well. Steam offers its own digital store of games.

So, basically steam is a community-based digital platform which is owned by Valve. So, in simple words I can say that you can play games, connect with friends and play games. You can also download and play multiplayer games online as well.

As a game developer, you can also register and upload your own developed games as well. As a developer account, you need to pay  £70 first-time registration fees and that will be distributed for charity purposes. So, I think it is a great initiative by the owners.

Before getting into the exact point of how to delete steam account and how to uninstall steam let me share some basic information about the usage of steam.

I know that you might have some questions about steam. So, here we go.

Is steam free to use?

Yes, steam is free to use. As you can signup for free to use steam. Some games are free and some are paid but you can sign up on steam for free.

What is steam community?

By signing up in steam you can get access to steam community, forum guides, and reviews of games.

Download links –

You can download for Windows and macOS from this link – Click here.
For Android – Download
For iOS – Download

So, let’s come to the main topic of our article “How to delete steam account?” Let’s start.

How to delete steam account –

So, let’s understand the process step by step:

First method –

  1. Go to the steampowered.com 
    Open httpsstore.steampowered.com
  2. Login to your account by entering your registered email and password.
    Sign In With Your Registered Email
  3. From the top side menu click on support.
    Click On Support
  4. Now from the list of the menus find my account and click on that.
    click on my account
  5. Then click on manage account details.
    Click on manage account details
  6. At the bottom of the page you will find “delete my account”.
    click on delete my account
  7. Now in this page you will find instruction to delete account. So, in this page click on “proceed to account deletion”.
  8. In next step you will need to fill form and click on Send button.
    Fill the details and click on send
  9. So, in this way the request for delete steam account will be sent to the steam support and your account will be deleted permanently after 30 days.

Second method –

  1. Go to the steampowered.com 
  2. Login to your account by entering your registered email and password.
  3. Now, click on your profile name.
    Click on your profile
  4. From the dropdown menu select account details.
    Click on account details
  5. Now please follow the same steps from the above method from 4th step. You will get same page from this second method as well.

Please note that your account will be deleted permanently after 30 days after you complete the process.

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Now, with the how to delete steam account, I will share how to uninstall steam from macOS and Windows as well. So, keep reading.

Uninstall steam on macOS –

It’s easy to uninstall steam from macOS. Follow the steps written below:

  • From the bottom dock menus.
  • Click on finder.
  • Tap on Application.
  • Find and select steam app from the listed apps.
  • Now press CMD+DELETE button from the keyboard.

And your work done for macOS.

Uninstall steam on Windows –

You need to follow the same process as you follow to uninstall any other app or software from your Windows PC.

Follow the steps :

  • Go to search bar.
  • Search for control panel.
  • Go to control panel.
  • Find uninstall program or remove program.
  • Find the Steam in the list and click on uninstall.
  • Follow the prompt steps and click on finish.

This is how you can uninstall steam from a windows PC.

Let me share some Frequently asked questions related to our topic on “How to delete steam account.”


Can you sell for any game on steam?

Not exactly, you can’t sell used games. But you can trade the game to another steam user.

Can you ask for a refund of any game?

Yes, you can. Just go to your account and click on purchase and you can ask for a refund there. Just click on games and select I would like the refund for the game. You will get your refund within a week. You will get the refund in a steam wallet or through the payment method that you have used for the purchase of the game.

How much time it will take to get a refund?

It will take around a weeks time to get the refund.

Can I change my steam account username?

No, you can’t change your steam account username. However, you can change your display name.

Can I recover deleted steam account?

No, you can’t recover deleted steam account. Its permanent deletion of the account. You can cancel the deletion within 30 days of the confirmation of deletion but after 30 days there is no way to recover the account.

How much time it will take to permanently delete the account?

It will take 30 days.

Can I cancel the deletion of the steam account?

Yes, you can within 30 days of canceling the account deletion.

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Final verdict –

So, this is the end of the article and I hope that you find the solution on how to delete steam account. And I think I have covered all the information about how to delete steam account and about how to uninstall steam.

So, I think you have all information and details with you. So, it’s your call to move ahead with deleting the account or just uninstalling the platform.

Well, that’s all for the article and please share your views in the comment section.