Zoom Down (UK) Outage addressed; try these Zoom Alternatives

On May 17, a number of users across the UK reported that ZOOM was down. With the serious lockdown conditions prevailing worldwide, apps like Zoom are being used widely. However, Zoom was down today morning in the UK. The reason for this could be the Sunday Morning Service held by various Churches.

Apparently people are relying on apps like Zoom to interact socially by maintaining distance. As much great this is, for the time being, it is obvious that overuse of any app can lead to a server of the app down.

The users have taken it to various social media platforms that they had audio and video call issues while using the Zoom app. Most of them could not even join or host video conferences. If we believe Downdetector, the most reported problems were related to video conferencing at 72% whereas 26% were related to logging in.

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The App was down today morning. Ir is being claimed that most probably due to the online Sunday Morning Church Service, the app was down.

  • The team posted online on the Zoom Status page, a post regarding the issue at 6.42 AM PDT  –
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“We have received reports that some Zoom users may be experiencing issues hosting and joining meetings. Our team is working to identify the root cause and scope of this issue.”

  • Later on at 8.39 PDT, the team made another statement regarding solving the issues with webinars and hosting video conferences on Zoom –

“Zoom users impacted by this issue should now be able to host, join, and participate in Zoom Meetings and Video Webinars if they restart their sessions. We will continue to assess this matter that impacted a subset of our users and monitor to ensure no further operational impact.”

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Alternatives of Zoom

If you are worried about any of the rumors going around about the privacy-related concerns on Zoom or want to try an alternative for times like these when zoom down error occurs, you can always rely on any of the below apps that are the best alternative to Zoom –

1. Google Meet

Alternatives of Zoom App

Google Meet which was previously known as Hangouts meet and available only for the Google Service paid users is now available for the world for free. A reason for this is stated to be the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

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Google will be offering an Unlimited meeting time until September 30. However, after that, users will be given only a 60-minute limit. One can have up to 100 participants in Google Meet. The service is free for Gmail users.

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2. Google Duo

Alternatives to Zoom

Another amazing app from Google that offers great quality video calls even in low internet connectivity. The app can be used for making low internet video calls with ease. It has amazing features to offer.

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3. Skype

Alternatives to Zoom app

Since the time it originated, over 17 years ago, Skype has been a reliable source for video conferencing. The best part is one can make video calls for free from the Free Video Conference page, without having to sign up. Although it sounds cool, the app has a lot more to offer than just this.

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