YouTube TV gets progressive fast-forward, new suggestions UI, and more

Google hiked the price of YouTube TV a few weeks back, but anyone who decided to stick with it will get a nice perk. According to the latest update, YouTube TV has started a wide rollout of an updated “Now Playing” UI on all platforms. The new YouTube TV UI brings larger thumbnails, progressive fast-forward, and more to whatever you’re watching on the service.

The best improvement in this update is possibly the progress fast forward. It means the longer you hold the fast-forward button, the faster the seek bar advances. It starts off 15 seconds per second, then goes to 30 seconds per second and then, finally, 1 minute per second. This is a typical feature on most platforms, and it’s crazy to think that it took so long to get implemented. The preview thumbnail is also larger. The playback UI is much cleaner in this update. Holding fast forward will no longer show thumbnails for other shows either.

However, nothing has been removed. Scrolling down within the interface reveals the program information, and there’s a “Networks” section for seeing what else is on TV. Another section, “More to watch,” will show recommendations for similar content available on-demand.

A YouTube TV engineer on the service’s subreddit said, “the rollout has been sent to 50% of the users. They also suggested that if you want the update now, reinstalling will give you a new visitor ID and a chance at getting the update. You can reinstall as many times as you like until you get it. Apparently, that doesn’t work on all platforms yet, though.”

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