Xiaomi Youpin has a laser ranging telescope: 6 times telephoto 600 meters, ranging error less than half a meter

A piece of good news for Xiaomi lovers, Xiaomi recently launched a mini telescope with laser ranging features. Currently, it is only available in China, and its box packed price is 399 yuan. Surprisingly Xiaomi recently announced a discount worth 30 yuan. This mini telescope’s main specialty is its incredible ranging capacity, which can zoom up to 600 meters.


Xiaomi designers well design the telescope as always. The telescope is covered with black and green rubber material, which feels quite handy and premium. Its dimensions are 110x65x38mm, which is quite small compared to other competitors with similar specifications.

The telescope comes with 6X fixed-focus lenses with a 7° viewport. In addition, coated lenses increase their clarity amazingly. The telescope can zoom up to 600 meters with 0.5 meters of error after the range limit.

Another impressive feature of this telescope is object tracking. This tiny telescope has the latest Xiaomi object tracking with real-time functionality, which makes it best for many sports like Golf, Racing events, etc.

This power-packed telescope is worth to purchase for everyone. This telescope has a unique flag-pole locking feature for Golf players, making it the best deal for any Golf player. The flag-pole locking functionality precisely measures the distance between the golf ball to flag-pole. Moreover, the telescopes also measure the ball’s speed in real-time with its best in class object tracking system.

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