Xiaomi Mi 9T/9T Pro MIUI errors: Full Screen Gesture lag, Instagram Story Error and more!

In January, the Xiaomi Mi 9T/ Mi 9T Pro received Europe Stable ROM which came with a few bug fixes like overlapped images in the scrolling screenshots, couldn’t open notification settings in the notification shade in the Second space.

However, now it more seems like the Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro MIUI has been causing some issues. From a couple of posts shared on Reddit, it seems like Mi 9T users are facing issues regarding Full Screen Gesture lag, Instagram Story Error and more!

But dont worry, as we have also mentioned a solution to fix Full Screen Gesture lag on MI 9T Pro in the article below!



There have been reports that the Mi 9T Pro is now lagging when used for 2 to 3 hours with Android Full Screen Gestures. Apps like Reddit and the ones of Gaming are lagging. Many have stated that the processor has been throttled. And what’s significant is, this issue has been noted lately after the introduction of MIUI on Mi 9T Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 9T/9T Pro MIUI errors: Full Screen Gesture lag, Instagram Story Error and more!

Here’s a Changelog of Mi 9T Pro MIUI Update

  • Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade
    • Fix: Couldn’t open notification settings in the Notification shade in Second space
    • Fix: Couldn’t open the Notification shade in some cases
    • GPS toggle renames as “Location”
  • Clock
    • Optimization: More obvious naming for local time
  • Other
    • Fix: Images overlapped in scrolling screenshots

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro MIUI 11 Instagram Story error

Instagram, worlds one of the top most used apps, is indeed a savior in this Covid-19 Lockdown. It’s apps like these, that people are not undergoing a cabin fever and doing well in a never-seen-before social distancing environment. But what if the same app that has been saving you comes across an issue? Skipped a heartbeat right? Well nothing to worry since the issue Instagram is lately facing is only restricted to Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro users.

Apparently, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro users are receiving a Instagram Story Error where they are not able to put more than One Block of story. Meaning, they can only send one story. Now that’s really too much for someone who is a social media animal.

The Instagram Story error on Mi 9T Pro was first reported on Reddit. Here’s what the Reddit post read –


So basically, now the Xiaomi Mi 9T users Can’t post Instagram stories more than one “block” long.

How to fix Full Screen Gesture lag on MI 9T Pro

As of the now, the only workaround that seems to be fruitful is that one can use Gestures but use Android Navigation buttons.

Hopefully the errors with MI 9T Pro MIUI will soon come to an end. Although there is no official word put yet, we all know how prompt the Chinese OEM is with its devices and users. We will keep you posted in case of any new updates on this story.

Stay tuned with us for more such posts!

Happy Androiding:-)

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