Xiaomi devices to soon get Top Shot- Like “AI SHUTTER”

Xiaomi AI Shutter: The top shot was a feature launched by google pixel 3 series which allowed pictures to be taken before and after the shutter button was clicked so that the users are left with multiple choices to select the best shot from.

Possibilities of a blurred picture or missing out on the desired moment are common while clicking pictures. This feature was designed exclusively to remove such discontent.


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What the news and rumours have spurred that Xiaomi developers are trying to duplicate this feature into their phones as well.

A report claims that a beta version of the MIUI camera application contains features and strings that are similar to the top shot feature and the developers, i.e, Xiaomi calls them “AI Shutter”.

The description of the AI Shutter reads- “ select best moments automatically when pressing the shutter button”. Sounds similar to the top shot features purpose right?

The top shot feature of google clicks pictures in burst mode and by default chooses pictures with open eyes and smiles. It makes use of object recognition and Ml to perform this task to choose the best shots.

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There is an option to choose the shot which occurs best to you. The top shot feature is exclusive to Google Pixel’s lineup. Hence, no other company can take this feature until and unless they make duplicates of it.

Coming back to Xiaomi’s AI Shutter, we don’t know if it will be as efficient as the top shot feature. Reports further state that the feature is not yet up in the beta versions of MIUI and MIUI 12 and curiosity about the effectiveness of this feature is keeping the audience on their toes.

More importantly, the reputation of Xiaomi is linked to the success or failure of this feature. So let us wait and watch how successful will this implementation be when and if it is released.

It is expected from Xiaomi to be able to recreate the exclusive top shot feature and maybe add one or two additions of its own that the developers can think of. This will make the AI Shutter the real buzz among the audience and thus, earn them enormous success.

More so, the rumours about launching this feature first in beta versions may not come true if the company decides otherwise. But because of its reputation, it may launch it everywhere too.

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Keeping aside the company’s reputation, if we focus on the feature, it can be deemed as a wanted feature in everyone’s phone because it makes clicking pictures a better experience and you can be fully satisfied with your picture.

More so, the broadened reach of Xiaomi amongst the common audience increases the probabilities of success of this feature.

Be it Top Shot or AI Shutter, the bottom line and goals are to smoothen the use of the camera apps on your phone. So if you are a non-Google pixel user, you can patiently wait for this application to be launched by Xiaomi and in future by other companies as well.

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Till then stay tuned!

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