How to Fix Xbox Turning on Automatically Easily

Xbox Turning on Automatically: Xbox initially is a video gaming app created and owned by Microsoft. The app provides different consoles and comes with two controllers. One can use the app not just for the games but also for streaming services. But when we talk about the popularity and fame that Xbox has gained over the years then hands down it is because of the games and gaming experience that it provides.

The online gaming has just landed Microsoft as a foothold in the gaming market despite having some big names in the market, especially due to its consoles. So some of the popular consoles from Xbox are the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. 

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So when we talk about something like an Xbox then the issues that arise out of it especially in such a tight market are huge even though they might sound small. So one such is the Automatic Turn on of Xbox especially one of the versions of Xbox One. So we are here with a list of a few possible reasons and how to overcome them in order to solve this problem.

Method 1: Controller Fault or Failure to Fix Xbox Turning on Automatically 

So as we all know that the Controller has the button which allows you to turn on the Xbox One and that might as well be the reason here for the Xbox Turning on Automatically. So in order to solve or check the controller then just try and check the batteries for a while and see if there is any change.

So also if the batteries thing does not work then you can also try and see if the power button present in the controller is not stuck. If it is actually stuck then don’t go ahead and solve it yourself hand it over to the repair shops and they can try and work on the controller. Then even after this also it doesn’t work then buy a new one, problem solved.

Reason 2: Kinect or Cortana could be responsible to 

So in case you happen to have the Kinect Device then the people who have it know that we can give the verbal commands to it like by Saying “ Xbox on” and then the Cortana will turn it on. So there is a huge possibility that the Cortana or Kinect might be misinterpreting the verbal and commands especially the ones close to “Xbox on” and thereby leading to Xbox Turning on Automatically.

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Then in order to see if the real issue is actually due to this then you can try and open the Xbox one’s abrupt booting and go to the “Power & Startup” settings and disable the feature and observe if the issue still persists. Then you can clearly know whether or not to continue using the Kinect or Cortana.

Method 3: Power button Sensitivity

As we know that the original Xbox One comes with a capitative power key rather than a Physical button. So there is always a chance of dust, pet’s movement, debris could be the reasons to activate the power button. 

Now to solve this try and wipe the console with a dust cloth obviously in the areas close to the power button so that you can clear away any dust particles that might be causing the problem. So for the rest of the reasons the issue can be solved just by being aware and making sure nothing comes in between you and the gaming experience. Also note that the Xbox One S and One X comes with the physical buttons itself, thereby eliminating this to happen there.

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