Updated : WhatsApp fixed | WhatsApp down?! Can’t see images, GIFs, etc.

Apparently, For the last half an hour, WhatsApp seems to have been down. From about a 30 minutes, I have been facing issues receiving images and videos from people. When I asked my friends to send a few images a few minutes ago, the images were not being sent.

When I looked to confirm, I came across a tweet. Probably just like always, the WhatsApp servers are down in the country.

Here’s a tweet of the famous Twitter user @SAGIRJU


Global or mostly country specific outages for widely apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are common now a days. Every now and then one or the other app goes down affecting millions.

Heres a screenshot of the failed media messages I tried to send a couple of minutes ago –



And when it comes to an app like WhatsApp which is the most used messenger app across the globe and not to mention specifically India, where almost all the family members depend on WhatsApp, this issue might be frustrating for many.

However, when an app goes down, there’s nothing much we can do. It’s all the game of the servers. As soon as WhatsApp recognizes this issue, it will work on fixing it.

The most significant part about this 1st shutdown of the year 2020 is that, people are not able to send media files like GIFs, videos, audios, and images. However, the messaging is going on smoothly.

We hope that WhatsApp soon figures out the issue and addresses it. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this story.

Update 1 

Seems like WhatsApp has been fixed from the recent outage that occurred. People weren’t able to send media files over WhatsApp but now the issue has been directed and your WhatsApp is all  good to go.

Check by yourself!

Be Patient!

Happy Androiding:-)

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