What is Loom, and How Do You Use It?

Have you ever struggled to find a common time for you and your team to talk? Or, how about crafting a lengthy email trying to explain a complicated situation at work? While technology undoubtedly has made communication much more convenient, simply getting the message across can still be quite the challenge — and this is where Loom comes in.

Just last year, Loom was considered one of Business2Community’s ‘Best Google Chrome Extensions’. So, what exactly is behind the buzz about Loom? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Loom?

Launched in 2016, Loom is a video recording and messaging platform that’s geared towards faster and more effective communication among teams. What sets Loom apart from other popular video tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams is that it concentrates on asynchronous communication — essentially, one-way messaging. You can capture a video recording of your computer screen or yourself (or, both at the same time) that you can then share with others through a link quickly given by Loom. In turn, other users can save and view your videos at their own time. Plus, it comes with a handy Drawing Tool that allows you to personalize your videos even more.

Loom can be accessed on Windows, Mac, iOS, and even as a Google Chrome extension. The Android version is already in the works, and is set to be released this year. The video platform’s basic plan is free to download and has all the main features. However, users can purchase a premium plan for $5, which provides high definition video, enhanced editing tools, and analytics. There are, however, some exceptions. HP’s ‘Best Screencasting Software for Teachers 2020’ post highlights how Loom is permanently free for both students and educators, which makes it an invaluable tool for those looking to embrace asynchronous learning. Aside from video creation and storage, it even lets students chime in with text and emojis as responses — a great alternative for those who can’t always participate in synchronous classes.

Through all the above, Loom takes away the time-consuming aspects of online messaging. On top of this, it allows you to communicate your message more effectively, especially through the screen recording feature. Forbes ‘4 Ways to Communicate Effectively’ feature outlines that utilizing visuals is a key communication tool since research has found that it engages more of the brain. You can think of Loom as the cooler, younger cousin of old video platforms that you’re not only actually excited to listen to but also lets you work at your own pace.

How Do I Use Loom?

While using Loom is pretty straightforward, there are so many wonderful ways to make the most of this platform. Here are some ways you can get started.

1. Share New Ideas

Have you ever had an exciting idea that you wanted to share with your co-workers but you had to stand by? With Loom, there’s no need to wait for them to respond on Slack. The platform lets you share and save your thoughts the moment your creative juices start flowing.

2. Make Instructional Videos

From navigating new systems to editing a packed spreadsheet, Loom allows you to walkthrough tricky tutorials step by step. Not to mention, this is especially helpful for new employees looking to understand the ins and outs of company operations.

3. Talk to Loved Ones

Although it’s always great to have some (virtual) face-time with your family and friends, you can also use Loom to get in touch with your loved ones to shake things up. Try recording them a surprise video message or even create a drawing using the features on Loom.

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