Watch Dogs Legion can be Played Offline; Cross-Play Support Also Confirmed!

Watch Dogs Legion can be Played Offline: Watch Dogs Legion is an upcoming action-adventure title, developed by Ubisoft. This is the third instalment to the Watch Dogs series and is the successor to the Watch Dogs 2. The official launch of the game is just around the corner, and now it is confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion can be played offline.

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Watch Dogs Legion can Be Played Offline

In the recent AMA conducted on Reddit, Lathieeshe Thillainathan (Producer, Watch Dogs) answered a few questions about this upcoming game. Among all these answers, one of the answer made every fan excited, i.e., Watch Dogs Legion can be played offline without any internet connection. This is definitely great news for most of the gamers. Because, all the previous games from Ubisoft, including the previous Watch Dogs titles, require internet connection to run the game.

But do note that this feature will not be available initially and it will be implemented later, through the release of a patch. Also, if you opt to play offline, you will miss out on a few features like community photos, etc.

The single player can be played offline. However, you cannot see all community photos and you cannot take and share in-game pictures — Producer, Watch Dogs

Not just that, the producer was also asked whether the game support cross-play for multiplayer on the forum, and the answer is positive! This took the fans to the sky, as this one of the most requested feature. But then again, the feature will not be available immediately. It will arrive within “year of life” of game as referred.

Watch Dogs Legion will support cross-progression across all our platform at launch. Cross-play we are planning in year 1 — Producer, Watch Dogs

With that said, this new game will be available starting October 29, 2o20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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