Vivo Phone Common Issues & Problems + Solution Fix

Vivo Phone Common Issues & Problems + Solution Fix

We all might have heard about perfection a lot of times. It is always preceded by the phrase- No one is Or nothing is perfect. And we could see this thought coming to reality in our Vivo Phone as well. Just like all other objects on the globe, we can also see some flaws in this smartphone. Does not mean it is flawless if it is a smartphone.

Although stuffed with a few problems in it, you do not need to worry about it. Because we have brought for you a post where you will get answers to your questions and solutions to all your problems regarding Vivo Phone. As we all know Vivo Phone is a smartphone (features of the phone)

Common Problems and Issues on Vivo Phone :

Vivo Phone Common Issues & Problems + Solution Fix

In this article, I will introduce you to the Common problems, issues of Vivo Phone and also ways by which you can prevent them or cure the Problems. Keep reading further with a good amount of patience without hurrying for any or it may cost you a loss.


  • will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused, if any, to your smartphone. (If you carefully follow the given steps, this problem will not even arise.)
  • Most of the given solutions and fixes are applicable to almost every Android smartphone. Although, we do have articles for particular smartphones. You can check them out on our Page.
  • You won’t be able to fix every problem yourself. If these solutions don’t do the trick, you might have to take your handset to a professional repair shop or upgrade to a new model. But while you shouldn’t tinker with your finely-tuned smartphone the way you would with, say, a car engine, you do have options. Here are some of the most common phone problems you’ll encounter, and how to fix them

Here I am going to help you with common Problems on the Vivo Phone. I have shared a few methods to Fix the Issues on Vivo Phone.

Vivo Phone Common Issues & Problems + Solution Fix

Wi-Fi Connection issue or Low Range of Wi-Fi in Vivo Phone

So if you are experiencing a low connectivity in Wi-Fi or any other related problems, then here are a few steps that may help you out. Try them for your convenience.

How to Fix connectivity issues or low connectivity problems?

Method 1. Start from the beginning, check for your connection modem or router. Changing the settings or resetting them may help to a great extent.

Method 2. Check for any obstacles present in the pathway between the router and your phone.

Method 3. You can try turning your Airplane Mode ON for about a few seconds or minutes and then turn it off. This does work!

Method 4. Try turning your Wi-Fi On and Off. Once or twice. Trust me, the extent to which this sounds illogical, it is actually effective to the same length.

And even after trying all of these things out you do not get your problem fixed, then a better option would be shifting to another Wi-Fi connection and then look if the problem still persists. And at this point, it is preferred to show your Vivo Phone

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Connectivity Issues with Bluetooth on Vivo Phone 

For any Bluetooth problems arising in this phone, you can try taking the following steps.

How to fix the Bluetooth connectivity problems on Vivo Phone?

Method 1. Beginning with the easiest, try turning your Bluetooth On and Off. This simple trick can help you out with a good amount of time and efforts.

Method 2. A very common mistake we all perform at times is that we hide from others to find. This option is the default in most of the phones be it a smartphone or a feature phone. Make sure that your device is discoverable.

Method 3.  Also, make sure that your phone is up to date. You can check the OTA dates and update the phone as soon as possible.

Method 4. Try turning your phone On and Off. That is, restart your Vivo Phone This can also help.

The steps mentioned above will certainly help you out with your Bluetooth issues.

Apps and Games not Downloading From the Play store on Vivo Phone

Even when glitches are only hitting one or two apps, they can slow down your entire phone. So start by figuring out whether your issues are happening with a lot of different apps or just a few. If it’s the latter, you might be able to repair the situation by deleting the data that the problem programs store on your phone.

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In many cases, a phone lag comes with a failure in downloading apps from Play Store. The reasons for this are variable. However, you can try some solutions to fix it and those seem to work effectively as well. At times, you may experience this with Vivo Phone For such situations, follow the steps given below.

How to Fix Apps and Games not downloading from play store on Vivo Phone?

Method 1. Try Restarting your phone. This is the least you can do to gain some results.

Method 2. Go to the Settings on Vivo Phone and clear app data of the app Play Store.

Method 3. Clear the Cache of the already downloaded apps from Settings>Application Manager.

Method 4. The old uninstall-reinstall trick will also work on Vivo Phones, if the clearing-data trick failed, you can follow the next.

Method 5. Open your app directory, tap and hold on the app’s icon, and drag it up to the Uninstall button. This method has the added advantage of making sure you’re running the latest version of the app, which will have all the updated patches and bug fixes. Before you jump into uninstall-reinstall, however, you’ll need to back up the app data, whether it’s documents or high scores, if you want to get it back. Most apps can now store data in the cloud, but it can’t hurt to double check.

Method 6. Clear the Local Search history from Play Store.

Method 7. This should help you. But even then if you’re still experiencing issues with an app even after uninstalling and reinstalling it, it might be time to contact the developer directly with the details of your issue. Remember to include a thorough description and note the mobile device you’re using. Developer contact details can usually be found on the app’s online listing.

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Cracked Display on Vivo Phone

If, by mistake, your phone display gets cracked (Trust me this is the worst part). This surely affects the working of the phone. You may experience a lot of hindrances. At such points, it becomes necessary for you to have control on your phone since there may be a lot of at the hand tasks to complete through and on it.

How to access data if phone display is cracked on Vivo Phone?

In such cases where your phone display is cracked, you can try some of the given steps to manage:

Method 1. You can connect your device to a computer or a laptop through a USB Cable. This way you can connect to your phone and use it via PC.

Method 2. If you wish to use some apps on the Vivo Phone, you can get an OTG cable and wireless keyboard and mouse. All you have to do is connect OTG cable to the phone and connect the wireless receiver to the cable. You can access your phone just like a computer.

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Mobile Data Issue or Cellular Network Problem on Vivo Phone

If there comes a poor signal on your Vivo Phone no matter how strong the signal or data connection is for a particular SIM Card, you need to check what exactly the problem is. If there is no issue with the SIM Card server., then the fault lies in your Vivo Phone.

At such time, what you can do is try out the following steps through which you can help yourselves. of course, if the problem goes out of hand, try seeking the help of the service center.

How to Fix Cellular Network Problem or Mobile Data Issue on Vivo Phone 

Method 1. Take your sim card off and put it again.

Method 2. Turning on Airplane mode for 30 seconds and then turning it off back does help.

Method 3. Try changing the network settings from the settings menu on the Vivo Phone

Method 4. If both the reset and the update fail, you’ve exhausted your home-repair options. Connectivity is one of those features that should “just work,” so if it doesn’t, then you may be looking at a faulty phone, a damaged SIM card, or a problem with the network itself.

Method 5. If the issue started suddenly, and not because you altered any settings on your phone, it’s more likely that it’s not your phone to blame. In this case, you’ll definitely want to call the experts at your phone’s manufacturer or your service provider. Lastly, go to the service provider and make them do the rest.

Widespread bugs

Bugs might be faced by you in one or more than one app in case you neglect the lagging of phone. If issues keep appearing almost at random in all kinds of apps, you’ll find it harder to pin down one root cause. Perhaps a hardware component is failing, or the device is overheating too often, or an upgrade didn’t work correctly. But you don’t need to diagnose your phone to fix it.

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How to Fix Widespread bugs on Vivo Phone

Method 1. The old fallback of turning your device off and on again can solve a variety of problems. This works because it clears out everything in your phone’s temporary memory. If a couple apps are making the whole phone go haywire, that might be enough to get your device working again.

Method 2. If the phone has frozen and you can’t power it off in the normal way, try a special hardware reset combination. To figure out just what buttons to press and hold in order to force a reset, look up your phone’s make and model online.

Method 3. If the off-and-on-again fail-safe fails, it’s time to indulge in some detective work. Unexplained crashes can be caused by an overheating phone, so monitor its temperature while you’re using and charging it. If it’s often hot to the touch, the issue might lie with a faulty charger or a battery that’s on its last legs.

Method 4. A lack of local storage space can also cause random bugs and crashes, so check how much free room the device has. On Android, open Settings then head to Storage; on iOS, open Settings then tap General and iPhone Storage. If overcrowding is an issue, you need to make some room now.

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The unresponsive Touchscreen on Vivo Phone 

At times, many of you might have experienced this situation when your phone screen gives no response to any touch. The most common cause of this may be- either the screen has got some dirt or oil on it or the phone may be lagging internally.

How to Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen on Vivo Phone

Method 1. Try cleaning the screen of your device. At times, an untidy screen covered with dust or oil may be the reason for an unresponsive screen touch

Method 2. Try removing the battery if it is removable.

Method 3. Last what you could do is let the phone stay as it is for a while and then try again. I personally have tried this one many times and it did work for me.

Apps and Games Crashing Suddenly on Vivo Phone

If the apps or games or both apps and games go crashing suddenly then it is high time you do something about it. Because if the problem goes beyond a certain point, you may experience a lot of irritation further. The reason for this problem could be any. A fault or virus in any app, innumerable data restore in your phone or anything. But whatever it may be it would be better if you soon take a step.  If you are facing this problem, you can try the given tips below to deal with it.

How to fix App Crash on Vivo Phone?

Method 1. When an App crashes, the least you can do is Clear the Cache of the App. Clearing the data will also help.

Method 2. The other thing you can do is- Uninstall the App from the settings of Vivo Phone and then again install it from Play Store.

Method 3. You can try updating the respective App or also other apps pending for an update.

Slow Opening of Apps on Vivo Phone

Sometimes, apps take a while to start. In extreme cases, you will generally see a black screen for about great five to eight seconds after you tap on any particular app. Now, this surely turns irritating because it is no way a reason you bought the ‘Smart’ phone at first place. Hence to deal with such mind busting issues, here below are some tips and methods you can apply o overcome to the problem.

How to Fix Apps opening slowly on Vivo Phone?

Method 1. Just know that some apps own nature to open slowly, such as large graphics intensive games and apps such as YouTube. That is something called totally normal.

Method 2. If every app is opening slow on your Vivo Phone then you need to restart your device, so that services could run fresh.

Method 3. When nothing seems to work, then a final step would be to go and wipe your Vivo Phone and start from a new device.

Frozen or Struck Screen on Vivo Phone

If at any time your screen of the Vivo Phone gets struck while you are using your phone or while making phone calls or playing games, then you may experience a really bad time. A frozen screen may also be more likely a cause of some particular app, which we have mentioned above how to deal with exactly. But if this situation is seen in almost every task you perform and every app you open, then better would be work on it as soon as possible. At such points, here are following steps you can try out to let it work.

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How to Fix Frozen or struck screen in Vivo Phone?

Method 1. If you are encountering the issue only in particular app such as Instagram. Then you don’t need to worry and blame your phone for that. The app needs the update or further optimization for the particular device model.

Method 2. If you are getting stuck on the default apps on Vivo Phones such as Phone, Messaging or the camera app, then its time you act. Then, go to Setting > Apps > Default apps, then choose the app you are getting issues with and clear its cache.

Method 3. In the end, the option of a factory reset or phone format could help you solve the problem.

Method 4. As a last resort, consider resetting your whole phone back to its factory settings. If the problem still persists after that, you’re probably looking at a hardware fault. To deal with that, scroll down to the Troubleshooting section be.

Poor battery life On Vivo Phone

Every smartphone owner struggles to some extent with battery Life. But when your charge drops by half in just a couple of hours, you’re in trouble. This can happen when a battery gets old and thus starts degrading fast. In this case, the following are some methods you can try to help your battery’s lifespan.

How to fix Poor battery life On Vivo Phone

Method 1. If you have an older phone, you should look at getting the battery professionally replaced. Or, if you upgrade, consider buying a new phone model and recycling your old one.

Method 2.  Figure out if you can lay the battery drain blame on one or two apps. In Vivo Phone, you can check this via the Battery entry in Settings. If you do identify a few energy hogs, remove them from your phone to see if the problem clears up. While you’re poking around the Battery menu, you can access the special battery saver mode in Vivo Phone. Turning this on won’t fix your underlying problems, but it can give you a bit more time between charges.

Method 3. To extend battery life even further, at least temporarily, dim the brightness of the display or put the phone in airplane mode periodically. Location tracking can also drain your battery—switch it off in Android in Settings > Location and in iOS in Settings > Privacy and Location Services.

Troubleshooting other issues

If you’re having problems that aren’t specifically mentioned here, you might be able to dig up some solutions online. Just be sure to choose specific keywords that include your type of phone and the exact problem that’s plaguing it. Otherwise, you’ll encounter thousands of results of varying relevance.

Beyond that, your last resort can be a full reset of your phone. This process returns your phone back to its original factory state, so if it’s still buggy after that, then you’re probably looking at a faulty or failing hardware part. Resetting a phone isn’t too difficult—just be sure to back up all your important information first, because the reset will wipe all of it.

On the most recent versions of stock Android, you need to head to Settings, then tap System and Reset. Hit Factory data reset then confirm your choice. You’ll see a brief summary of what’s going to get wiped before the process starts. If you’re using a non-stock version of Android, then the procedure might vary slightly, but the reset option should be easy to find in Settings.

On iOS devices, you need to open Settings, go to General and Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings. You’ll need to enter your passcode or Apple ID and password to confirm your choice.

Remember, you’ll need to know your Google or Apple account details to set up the phone from scratch again. And if you’ve enabled two-step verification on your accounts, you’ll need a backup method for verifying your identity—something that doesn’t involve your recently-wiped phone. It might sound like a fiddly process, but it won’t take too much time. Ultimately, the factory reset is the most comprehensive option for fixing a range of persistent device bugs and issues.

Wrapping Up:

So, guys, this was all about the Common problems you might face in the Vivo Phone and all the related possible handy solutions for those issues. hope they will fix your problems. And if not, we aren’t much away. Feel free to let us know if you come across any difficulties with your phone.

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Happy Androiding!

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