Valorant Review: Face-Paced, Action-Packed, and a New Contender to the FPS Legacy!

Valorant Review: Despite being a 2000’s concept, CS: GO is still one of the most finest PC games out there. Set in a future version of our world, Overwatch has a polish type that any gamer would expect from an FPS title. Well, Valorant is one such game that brings the best of both these words and stands tall from the crowd. This Riot Games’ new title is a 5v5 round-based shooter title that is unique in its ways.
We have recently put Valorant to Android Jungles’ review treatment, and this is our take on it!

Before we start the review, let me clear the air by telling you that if you are bad at FPS games, you will probably be bad at Valorant too. As mentioned in the title, the game is fast-paced, and the time-to-kill is very low. Just like all FPS titles, headshots lead to instant kills here too! Unlike Overkill, Valorant is more about gunplay and accuracy, not characters.


Currently, there are two game modes in Valorant. One is the attacking team, and another is the defending team. The attackers will be planting the Spike (bomb) within a time limit or eliminate all the opposing players. You will have to buy weapons and shields before the match starts. If the game goes even, it could even go to a total of 25 rounds, ending 13-12. Each round lasts a couple of minutes, and that could be an hour of gameplay for one game.

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I’m not too fond of the game initially because the average length of the game is around 35 minutes and the worst part here is you cannot swap between agents mid-game. Now this means you are stuck with the one which you pick at the start. It took plenty of time for me to learn each character due to this. Now, most of you might say that there is an area where you can practice with the agents on your own, but let’s face it; it is not the same as learning how different abilities work in different environments.

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There is another game mode here! It is called Spike Rush, which is much of an arcade-level game. Unlike the main game, we have the best of seven rounds, meaning the matches only last 10 minutes at the max. The entire lobby gets the same random loadout, and there are special powerup orbs scattered throughout the map. These orbs allow you to upgrade your guns, get a health boost, temporary blind the enemy, or you can even get the infamous golden gun (One-Shot Kill).

As for the agents (playable characters), there are many agents here that you can choose from, and all their abilities are designed to complement the gameplay. The gameplay approach differs when you select different agents. The ones from Overwatch inspire the Valorant agents’ abilities. A few might feel Apex Legends like gameplay when it comes to agents’ abilities here, but I will stick with Overwatch!

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Currently, there are only four maps, but they are shrewdly designed. The Valorant’s maps bring a lot to the table with its mid-area offering and flanking routes on either side. Now, this makes most of the other FPS gamers to adjust as quickly as possible. One of the maps has teleporters, and the other one has secret tunnels. Trust me; there are many ways to surprise your enemies.

To conclude, Valorant is easy to play but hard to master! Overall, I really enjoyed my time playing and testing this game out. On the scale of one to ten, it is safe to say Valorant stands somewhere between seven to eight! If you liked our review, make sure to share this with your friends and buddy gamers.

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