Valorant Icebox Guide: Orbs, Best Agents, and Everything you need to Know!

Valorant Icebox Guide: Ever since Riot Games released the Valorant in June, players have been demanding for a new map. With the official release came the fourth map, Ascent, which has many mixed reviews and opinions. Now, Icebox is the new map that joins the show, and sadly it looks like most of the players are sharing their views online and haven’t been positive since the release. Regardless of that, are you a Valorant player and haven’t seen any footage or gameplay? 

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Well, do not worry as this is the only Icebox guide you’ll need. This article lets us discuss the Icebox map, ultimate Orbs and locations, best agents, and everything you need to know about this new map. Som, with that said, let us quickly get into the Valorant Icebox Guide, shall we?

As most of you already know, Icebox is set in an icy world, as the name itself suggests. The map has a pretty standard layout, which any Valorant player can adapt quickly. Icebox features two box sites, with A-site being a much bigger site than that of B-site. The map also features the standard three-lane layout, just like the other maps. 

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Considering the map, most of the areas have a common game callout names like Garge, Screen, Rafters, etc. Also, there are colored containers in the B-site that can refer to their color names, making it more easygoing.

Valorant Icebox Guide – Ultimate Orbs

As for the Ultimate Orbs, just like any other map, there are two Orbs here. One Orb is found in the pathway to the B bombsite, right beside to Green. The other Orb is in the middle of A site. You can gain access to these Orbs and obtain them safely is by using smokes.

Valorant Icebox Guide – Best Agents

If you are a Valorant player for some time, you might have understood which agents will shine on Icebox. The best agents for Icebox are:

  1. Omen
  2. Jett
  3. Raze

Omen, Jett, and Raze are the agents who have movement-based abilities. Using their abilities, these agents can get to high places. Omen has Shrouded Step, Jett has Updraft, and Raze has Blast packs. With this, you might have cleared the air on who is the best agent to play Icebox.

Valorant Icebox Tips and Tricks

  1. Omen is the most powerful agent in Icebox. With his teleportation abilities and Paranoia, he can be used in many spots around this map.
  2. With his Shrouded step ability, Omen is also excellent here if you want to get into places quickly.
  3. To surprise the enemies, you can pick Raze as her Blast packs can be used to get into high places quickly. 
  4. The zipline in the A site can give you access to a very powerful position at the top of the site But, do note that this leaves you extremely exposed to everyone.
  5. You can teleport onto the top of the container that acts as Omen on the attacking side. A perfect smoke can conceal your teleport onto the top of the container that acts a ramp to the kitchen.

Now, this is our take on Valorant Icebox Guide. If this guide helped you with Icebox, do consider sharing this guide with your friends and fellow Valorant players.

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