TWRP 3.4 out with Android 10 limited Support

Congrats Android freaks for you now have the official TWRP 3.4 released with support for Android 10.  TWRP Recovery as we all know is one of the best Custom Recoveries out there. Just recently, TWRP Recovery officially started support for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Vivo Y51L, Lenovo K10 Note, etc., And now the latest TWRP 3.4 Version has been released which has limited support for Android 10.

TWRP is the abbreviation for the Team Win Recovery Project. This is the most trusted and preferred Custom Recovery. Although today we have different Recoveries like OrangeFox recovery, TWRP is still very popular among Android geeks.

Slowly but steadily, various OEMs are updating their devices to Android 10. Hence, developers too have to make a move in the same direction. As a result of which, TWRP v3.4 has now been released. Although not completely but this version still supports Android 10, in a limited quantity.

So if you have a device running on Android 10, go grab this latest TWRP version if you want to customize or root your Android device.

TWRP 3.4 out with Android 10 limited Support

TWRP 3.4 out with Android 10 limited Support

TWRP Recovery has been our favorite and there’s a reason behind it. If you think only Android 10 support is what the latest TWRP V3.4 brings, then let me enlighten you. There’s more to the story.

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TWRP Recovery v3.4 surely brings support for various Android 10 devices. Not all, like some of the OnePlus devices, have been excluded but there’s a majority of support for Android 10. With that, you have a huge number of changes and fixes made which have overall improvised TWRP Recovery experience.

The major attractions of TWRP 3.4, apart from Android 10 Support, include fixes for blank screen, persistent log storage fix, and Compress Persistent Logs have been fixed too.

Apart from this, errors like preventing errors and decryption errors have been addressed. The Support for more extensions in File Selector has been added too. The latest version also includes OZIP encryption support. Now users can rewrite A/B installer zip from scratch using a new generic template and latest magiskboot.

If you want to know more about the changes brought by the latest TWRP update, here is a complete changelog of this version-

Changelog of TWRP 3.4 Latest version

TWRP 3.4.0-0 is out now for most currently supported devices. Here’s What’s new in  TWRP 3.4.0-0 –

System As Root (SAR)

  • Fix backup and restore using SAR – dianlujitao
  • System mount point – Chaosmaster
  • ORS – Chaosmaster
  • Zip install – Chaosmaster
  • system_root bind mount to /system – Chaosmaster
  • Autodetection of SAR – Chaosmaster


  • fix creation of digests for sub-partitions (was bugfix applied to many devices since last year) – Bigbiff


  • ext4Crypt Wrapped Key Update – Peter Cai
  • Fix upgrading encryption key if export fails – Peter Cai
  • Fix wrapped key support for devices without metadata partition – mauronofrio
  • Don’t skip decryption when using block map file in order to write to /data in ORS – CaptainThrowback
  • FDE – Decrypt master key first – AndroidableDroid
  • vold_decrypt – set Android version and patch level automatically – CaptainThrowback
  • Set wrapped decrypt support by twrp flag – Peter Cai
  • Don’t try wrapped support unless needed – mauronofrio
  • restore ext4 policy on /data/cache – Bigbiff
  • multiuser decryption – Noah Jacobson
  • FDE retry – AndroidableDroid
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  • unmount system after checking for app – Bigbiff

Prebuilt updates –

  • android.hardware.confirmationui@1.0 – cryptomilk

Compilation Fixes:

  • TW_EXFAT_FUSE compilation fixes – Bigbiff
  • libuuid – cryptomilk
  • ‘system/etc/ld.config.txt’ not found error – Martin Dünkelmann

Language Updates:

  • Portugal – Vasco Machado
  • Dutch – Ian Macdonald
  • Turkish – Fatih Fırıncı
  • Localisation of Backup_Tar: Ian Macdonald


  • updates for 8.x trees – CaptainThrowback
  • fix search path for /sbin – CaptainThrowback
  • /sbin should come first in search path – Ian Macdonald

General Bugs

  • Fix persistent log storage – SyberHexen
  • Compress Persistent Logs – Bigbiff
  • FB2PNG compilation errors – Bigbiff
  • exclude per_boot from backups – Darth9
  • Unmount all directories that point to same block device – AndroidableDroid
  • Blank screen fixes – Sean hoyt
  • Toolbox is default on android-9+ – mauronofrio

Cleanup –

  • Typo fix in comment – VDavid003
  • newlines in ext4crypt – CaptainThrowback
  • TW_OEM_BUILD compilation issue – Patrick Zacharias
  • Fix Dependency requirements – Dees_Troy
  • Fix Symbolic links for BB and Toolbox – Dees_Troy

Bootloader Message

  • cleanup – Alessandro Astone
  • add configurable offsets

Error Cleanup

  • uevent errors and decryption error – mauronofrio
  • using copy_file to copy files from /etc – CaptainThrowback
  • ueventd access to /acct – early directory creation in init – cryptomilk


  • TSP Driver – LameMonster82
  • QTI Input – AndroidableDroid


  • read all asserts – Hernán Castañón
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  • Add Resetprop from Magisk – CaptainThrowback & mauronofrio
  • compile from source – Chaosmaster
  • fix for android-7 and earlier – Chaosmaster
  • cleanup for spaces in properties – AndroidableDroid


  • Add Property override – Chaosmaster


  • mount system and vendor for A/B installs for backuptool – Chaosmaster


  • fix backup freezes when pigz and openaes are used – Fabrice Bellet

Zip Installs

  • Info for A/B zip installing to inactive slot – Chaosmaster
  • Reboot to system button now allows to be rebooted to different partitions after zip install
  • progressbar rework – Chaosmaster

Magisk updates

  • update binaries from source – AndroidableDroid

A/B Updater Zip Template

  • rewrite A/B installer zip from scratch using a new generic template and latest magiskboot – osm0sis
  • installer zip support for recovery_a/recovery_b partition ramdisks on newer 2SI SAR A/B devices – osm0sis
  • generate installer zips for all prod A/B devices – bigbiff
  • improve installer zip dump/write speed and add more error catching – arter97 & osm0sis

OZIP Encryption Support

  • add OZIP encryption – mauronofrio

File Selector

  • Support for more extensions in File Selector – mauronofrio

That’s it for now. I hope you have found this article of use! Do share your views on the latest Twrp version with us in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Happy Androiding:-)

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