TikTok is Back In India; working for some users

Allegedly, TikTok is Back In India for some users for whom a quick Workaround is working. 

A lot of chaos is going around as of now regarding TikTok. The app was recently banned by Indian Government but many Indian users are claiming and a lots of rumors are running around about TikTok being back In India! So is it true?has TikTok come back in India? Read further to know and if yes, then how’s it back?

A few days ago, TikTok with 58 other Chinese apps was banned in India. This decision was taken by Indian Government amidst the China-India tension at the Ladakh border.

TikTok which is a Chinese App, has signed an agreement that states that Chinese government can ask for the App data anytime they would want. This has created privacy issues for all the TikTok users.

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Now a days, and especially in this global Pandemic crisis due to Covid-19, we have become more reliable on Online means for almost everything. Be it work or education or shopping. TikTok app uses a lots of permissions of which Location permission is directly accessed by TikTok without even asking the users.

This has created a lot of security concerns right from 2017 when TikTok had signed the contract of sharing data anytime with the Chinese Government. Since then most of the nation’s Governments have been questioning the reliability of TikTok and possible threats.

When most of the Governments were still investigating into the matter, Indian Government took the decision of banning TikTok with 58 other Chinese apps. The apps included some of the most crucial and widely used apps like Shein, Camscanner, Club Factory, Shareit, Xender and so on.

TikTok was the most used app and very popular among the youth of India. Many relied on it for their livelihood. Influencers having millions of followers lost everything they build up on the app. But Privacy of users of the country is of utmost importance.

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Many questions were and are still being raised if TikTok will come back in India. But what’s really weird is the rumors going around TikTok coming back in India and many claiming to have TikTok back. Various WhatsApp messages as well as Instagram stories and IGTVs claim that TikTok is back in India.

Many people also tried using VPN method to Use TikTok in India after ban. But even VPN could not bring TikTok back in India. No Indian users can use TikTok even after hiding their IP Address or changing the location.

So now the questions arises, is TikTok back in India? Apparently, various Instagram users – @Mr_ms_moin, @Kishan.sinh_bapu_1925, @Ravi_makwana, etc. have shared the stories and IGTVs of TikTok coming back in India.


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Most importantly, a video has vern shared on XDA OT Group on Facebook that shows the method using which one can use TikTok in India. Here’s the shared video –

When we tried this method in three different Mobile network operators and three various phones, it didn’t work. Instead we got an No internet connection notification on the screen. Here’s a screenshot of the same –


We do not know if the method is actually working or not. And neither do we prefer going against the country laws and operate TikTok when its banned. But the rumors going around have created havoc in the minds of people. Hoping here we clarified them at least a little!

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