The Truth about Foldable phones

Are you a fan of foldable phones? Looking forward to buying a foldable phone? But first know the truth about Foldable phones. It is nothing new that Foldable phones are now a trend especially for Samsung and Huawei.

The Korean tech giant, Samsung, is all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z in the coming month. As you can catch by the name, Samsung is bringing in the flip phone we once used. But dont worry yet, Samsung is not going to use the old specs. In fact Samsung will be using the Ultra thin glass technology in its latest foldable phone.


Now the Galaxy Flip Z certainly brings along a great flip phone vibe using which you can easily make phone calls. However, if you are a person who depends more on texting, you need to wait a minute and think about buying this device.

Just like the Galaxy Fold phone, which was Samsung’s first foldable phone, but in fact, more complex than it is the Galaxy Flip Z. As per the sources, Galaxy Flip Z is going to be more complex and compact than Galaxy Fold phone.

As from the feedback received by Samsung Galaxy Fold phone users, it was slight inconvenient for the users to always slide the cover display. Apparantly the cover display is way too small for engaged texting.

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Now although Galaxy Flip Z comes in a size larger than Galaxy Fold phone, with a screen size of 6.7 to 6.9 inches, the cover display is rumored to do nothing more than display icons of notifications.

Galaxy Fold holds an advantage here. The cover display, although 4.6 inches in size, can be used for texting. But even this seems to be uncomfortable for most of the users as its mot easy to shift from huge screened smartphones to foldable phones.

However this does not mean that Foldable phones are totally bad. Sliding the phone to cut a call has its own perks. The style was indeed a trend for the flip phones back in 90s. Certainly this age old trend will be similarly amazing in today’s world.

If you are more of a calling person, all you need is the Galaxy Flip Z. However, if you are into texting, you better stay with regular Smartphones or at the most the Galaxy Fold.

That being said, another major statement has added into the status of Foldable phones at CES 2020 by the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau –

“Foldable phones ……outweighed by the shortcomings or the disadvantages of the current state of the technology.”

Furthermore, in the first ever podcast appearance of the CEO, he said that the fold and the current foldable technology devices is very large and not clean enough or a very crisp fold. This adds to the issues of screen creasing or problems with where the fold is in the screen.

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When The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn asked Pete about the strategy where rather than a curve, the screen moves in and out, giving the example of Motorola Razor. To this Pete answered that the fold is not as clean as he would like in his product. Although the folding mechanism is quite different for Motorola Razor, there’s still an issue with the fold part which includes the screen. As it is plastic, the resistance to scratch isn’t anywhere near as glass.

Pete also did hint that they looked into the possibility of creating a Foldable phone. However, its one of the features of OnePlus to not compromise the experience of users for mere trends of the moment.

But this does not just wipe out the possibility of OnePlus bringing a foldable phone in the future. For now, we have the Galaxy and Huawei fold phones.

Concluding words –

Although the foldable phones are very trendy and amazing to fold and slide, there’s a lot that one needs to consider apart from the looks of a device. Clearly, if you are into foldable phones and texting at the same it, it’s going to be quite difficult for you to deal with the Galaxy Flip Z. But if calling is what you are more inclined to, then this device will be a great companion to you.

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Do let us know your experience with it if you buy the Galaxy Flip Z. We will be glad to hear from you.

Stay tuned more more such truths!!

Happy Androiding:-)

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