Suspect Malware On Your Android Phone? Total AV Will Find It

Suspect Malware On Your Android Phone? Total AV Will Find It

There is a bad urban legend that your smartphone does not get viruses on it. iPhone users claim this is true because of the Apple sandbox rule that says its apps don’t touch any other part of the phone’s functionality, meaning it cannot “jump” from one sandbox to another and cause harm.

Android owners like to think that their phones are relatively invulnerable as well because the Google Play store does a lot of background checking to ensure that its apps are not infected. The truth of the matter is, however, that Android users around the world are downloading apps from hundreds of different locations, some of which have nowhere near the high standards that Google Play’s store operates under. 

So if you want to keep your Android phone safe, you’ll have to follow several steps. But first, let’s take a look at what malware does to Androids and some sure signs that your smartphone is likely infected.

What does malware do to an Android phone?

Malware gets put on your phone to steal your information and make some sort of revenue. This is usually done by installing adware that forces you to view web pages and download apps, by stealing your personal information like credit card information, or by installing ransomware to lock your personal device and demand payment, usually in the form of cryptocurrency, to unlock it.

How do I know my Android phone has malware?

There are several tell-tale signs that your Android is infected. If you have more than one of the following things happening with any sort of frequency, treat it as a very likely malware situation.

  1. Unexplained data usage/large bills
  2. Way high volume of pop-up ads
  3. Phone’s battery drains quickly with no reason
  4. The phone is very slow compared to normal
  5. Apps take a long time to load
  6. Phone as apps that you did not install

How to check your Android phone for malware?

Having a solid antimalware software package on your phone is essential for your protection. A trusted name like Total AV can put up serious defensive mechanisms in place to keep your Android phone safe from the presence of malware. This brand offers comprehensive coverage that checks everything already on the phone and everything you’ve installed on it since. Shut down all running apps when you begin the scan and be ready for it to last a long time, at least an hour or two so you can have it check everything on your phone. When it is finished, it will generate a report with suspicious items, risks, threats, and so on.

How to Remove Malware from your Android phone

Some anti-malware software will remove the offending pieces of malware themselves, but others don’t have the capability. That’s where you come in. Turn off your phone and start it over in safe mode so it does not connect to the Internet. Find and remove the app that is causing the problem. Start your phone over again and run Total AV again to ensure no other apps were infected.

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