Spotify will no longer let artists upload music directly

Just shy a year since its launch, Spotify is shutting down its upload beta program, which allows independent artists to load their music directly onto the platform for free.

The beta feature, which Spotify announced in September 2018, allowed U.S. artists an easy way to add tracks and their accompanying metadata to Spotify with just a few clicks, without needing to use a traditional distributor or third-party company.

In an announcement today, Spotify said it will stop accepting new songs through the upload program at the end of July, and those who’ve already released material will need to find new providers beyond that point and that it is currently working with distribution partners for a smooth transition for artists who “uploaded music through the beta program.

The reasons behind the decision to quit digital distribution aren’t crystal clear and Spotify didn’t share any outcomes of their beta. No surprise there. What we do know is aggregation is an arduous, competitive game with wafer-thin margins.

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