Sony Produces 10 Million PlayStation 5 Units to meet high demand amidst Coronavirus

Sony has Produced 10 Million PlayStation 5 Units in order to meet high demand amidst Coronavirus scenario worldwide.

The world is engaged fighting coronavirus and nations are constantly putting Lockdowns and Restrictions to get the virus in control. It has been almost half a year that we are battling the common enemy.

It is obvious that people are looking for means of entertainment to tackle the literally solitary situation. Certainly .demands for domestic entertainment are increasing to the peak. In the view of the same, Sony has produced over 10 million units of its latest Sony PlayStation 5.


Apparently, more people are staying home and thus the demand for one of the most effective home entertainment mediums- PS5 has peaked immensely. Sony, has therefore, demanded production of 10 Million Units of PS5 gaming console by the end of the year.

Originally, Sony had determined to produce over 5 to 6 millions of PS5 consoles. however, with the pandemic only rising world wide and more demand from people, Sony Has decided to increase the production by nearly 5 millions, a report states from Bloomberg.

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Sony is positive that the demand will increase even more and it will be able to produce and deliver more PlayStation 5 consoles. Thanks to the Kisarazu-based manufacturing plant of the Japanese Company, which can produce one PS5 Console every 30 seconds, 24×7.


A huge production rate like this, can surely boost up the production and help to deliver another 5 Million console models by November to December of this year only.

As much as we hope that the world gets rid of the virus, we also hope that the additional units will be delivered to people even if the current delivering conditions are totally different and need utmost care.

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