How to Access Serial Number and Model Number on Apple iPhone SE 2020

In this article, we are sharing with you all How to Access Serial Number and Model Number on Apple iPhone SE 2020.

If you are using an iOS device and want to know the Serial number of it, here is a detailed guide to help you out. There are a number of reasons why a Serial Number could be helpful.

For example, if you have got an iPhone but you think it is fake, which could happen, then you can check if the serial number of that device is valid or not through the official Apple site. This way, you will know if your iOS device is fake or not.

Indeed Serial Number and Model number are some essential digits you will need to know about your phone. Follow the guide to know how you can Serial Number and Model Number on Apple iPhone SE –

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How to Access Serial Number and Model Number on Apple iPhone SE?

  • On your iOs device, go to the Home Screen and then go to Settings.
  • In settings, go to General > About.
  • Here in the about section, you will be shown all the information on your iPhone including – Serial Number, Device Model Number, battery info, and so on.

The alternative method to find Serial Number on iPhone

You can use the IMEI/MEID as well to find Serial Number of your phone.

  • You can find these numbers in the settings menu under the About section.
  • Or else, you can dial *#06# from the dial/keypad of the phone app.

How to verify authenticity of your iPhone using Serial Number?

  • In order to verify the authenticity of your iPhone, copy the serial number.
  • Now open a browser
  • Visit the Check Coverage Page of the Apple website.
  • Paste the copied serial number in the “Enter your Serial Number” box.
  • Lastly hit Enter.

In case you see a message on the screen that the serial number you entered is invalid, it means that your iPhone is fake.


What is a Serial Number?

A Serial Number is a number that allows a company to identify a product and get additional information about it so that you can find the compatible parts for it.

Some phones do not have any serial number but do have an IMEI Number. In some cases, the serial number may be the same for other manufacturer devices.

It is generally useful for Warranty purposes, Replacements, or for device services. If you want to recover your IMEI number, serial number proves to be the means.

The serial number allows a company to identify a product and get more information about it. Basically, it is a device identifier and is related to the manufacturer company.

Now you see, the Serial number of your phone is very crucial and you might need it anytime. You can find the serial number of your Apple device on the Invoice of the phone or through the Settings> About Phone section.

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