How to Send Calendar Invite in Outlook

Send Calendar Invite in Outlook: Outlook is one of the products of Microsoft which provides people with personalised services mainly for the business organizations. Though if you are used to using the other mails then the user interface of Outlook might be a bit confusing but overall it is an excellent launch by Microsoft. 

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All you need to do to get an Outlook account for yourself is by going to the website and clicking on Create a new account. There you must enter your relevant information and then create an email-id and password and you are good to go. By giving the personalised feel to the users it has been a great success. 


Due to its different type of interface, there are still some features left to be explored by its users and one of those is how to send a calendar invite in Outlook. So without any delay let us have a look at how to send calendar invite in Outlook website and the app as well.

How to send Calendar invite in Outlook Website

Step 1: Open the Outlook in the Website in any search engine.

Step 2: Then Login to your account using your credentials.

Step 3: Then you will find the calendar in the form of an icon. Click on it.

Sten 4: There click on New Event to create a new event. You also have options to schedule a new event or a meeting.

Step 5: Then fill the relevant data and select More options. 

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Step 6: There you can find Invite Attendees. There fill out the data you want and start inviting colleagues.

Step 7: There add your people and send the invites. 

How to send Calendar invite in Outlook App

Step 1: Find the calendar in the form of an icon. Click on it.

Step 2: There from the Menu choose New Meeting. Another way is by selecting the New Items > Meeting.

Step 3: There in the section Labeled as Required, Add people. You also have the option to mark some as optional as well. 

Step 4: In order to add people based on your address book click on the section named Required.

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Step 5: Then select the person from your address book and click on them as Required.

Step 6: After adding people choose ok and send the invites.


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