How to Save High Resolution Images in PicsArt without Gold Membership (Working Hack)

Save High Resolution Images in PicsArt: PicsArt Photo Editor is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use photo editing applications available for Android. PicsArt is far different and powerful from any mobile photo editors and is better in a number of ways, even when compared with Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile. The application is filled with a number of tools and the best part here is most of these tools are free and you don’t need a premium or Gold membership.


You can cut the backgrounds, make social media posters, create animations or gifs, create stunning portraits and there are various other tools like crop, dispersion, clone, stretch, perspective and the list goes on!

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It is a known thing that PicsArt lets you save an image is high resolution of 8 MP with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. But there is a simple hack that most of you are not aware which you can use to Save High Resolution Images in PicsArt that too without the Gold membership.

Save High Resolution Images in PicsArt

  1. Open PicsArt application and load an image.
  2. For your reference check the image resolution and size before bringing it to PicsArt.
  3. Once the image is loaded, perform all the edits you want to make which can include colour correction, grading, application of filter and anything that have to do with improvising the image.
  4. Do note that major changes like distort, and using lens flare makes the image clarity reduced.
  5. Once done, before hitting the save button you will have to select and choose Draw feature and download the image from here.
  6. This saves the image in the highest resolution possible.

Now, this is how you can Save High Resolution Images in PicsArt. Do note that you can save in higher resolutions using the premium or gold version of the application, but instead you can use this guide to perform, the similar action. If this guide helped you to Save High Resolution Images in PicsArt, do consider sharing this guide with your friends and family.

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