Samsung’s UV Sterilizer will keep your Devices Coronavirus Free


The all new Samsung’s UV Sterilizer will now keep the Devices Coronavirus Free. The new Sanitization Gadgets from Samsung will kill the germs on your Smartphone, Earbuds as well as Glass while charging it via WiFi.

In the wake of the global Pandemic, Samsung took the initiative to launch the new Galaxy Sanitizing Service. Through this, the Korean tech giant has already launched a UV Sterilizer for Smartphones, Earphones as well as sunglasses.

The Galaxy Sanitization kit comprises of a Wireless 10 W WiFi Charger which uses UV-C light. So basically, when you charge your phone, the device is also cleaned. As the company claims, over 99% of germs and bacteria are killed by the virus.

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Smartphones, sunglasses as well as earbuds are all a very likely means of spread of viruses as they are always exposed. This sterilizer kills the germs on your devices. Thus keeping you safe from a number of viruses probably including the currently prevailing deadly coronavirus.

Although there is no particular mention of coronavirus, sanitization today is an essential and Samsung’s UV Sterilizer offers you that.

The Samsung’s UV Sterilizer was first seen in Samsung Thailand but by now is available globally. One can use this Charger cum UV Sterilizer for cleansing their devices like earphones, sunglasses and smartphones using UV Rays.

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The UV sterilizer Samsung works similar to the other Sterilizing gadgets in the market. you get the options of twin ÙV lights. The UV light will clean your device from all sides. The plus point is, it can sterilize devices up to 7 inches. So basically most of the smartphones can be sterilized using the Galaxy UV Sterilizer.

Now coming to the design of this sanitary gadget, it is very minimal and sleek. It will take you over 10 minutes to sterilize your phone and also feed it at the same time with 10W Fast charging. Sounds cool, right?

The Samsung UV Sterilizer is prices at $65 which equals to INR 4870, which seems pretty affordable considering the threat of the virus and diseases.

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In the times of the global pandemic, today’s world cant be stopped. nations have put in their efforts by implying lockdowns to a huge extent but it now seems we have to learn to live with this pandemic and take the responsibility for ourselves.

Samsung’s UV Sterilizer is a great initiative that can be used for sanitation for people who have no other option but to work. So if you want to keep yourselves and your close ones Safe, just like a Sanitizer, Smartphone sterilizer is essential too.

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Stay Home, Stay safe.

Happy Androiding:-)

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