Samsung trademarks Galaxy A12, A22, A32, A42, A52, A62, A72, A8 and A92

The Korean Tech giant Samsung is all set to launch its Galaxy A series as well as Galaxy M series devices. With the great amount of response it received, more phones from these series are all seto enter the smartphone World. Just recently, the production of Galaxy M1 began in India production of Galaxy M1 began in India alongside the Galaxy M11, M21 and M31 color variants. Galaxy M11, M21 and M31 color variants. 

Since the production of A51 has already begun and as A71 was announced with the same, these two phones could be the first Galaxy A series devices to be launched in 2020. To add to this, a trustworthy tipster has unveiled that Samsung has trademark for new Galaxy A-series that may possibly debut in 2021.

The trademark is filed with SungAm Suh International Patent & Law Firm in South Korea. Here is an image of the tweet by the tipster that will give you all an idea of the trademarks –

Samsung-Trademarks-Galaxy-A12-Galaxy-A22-Galaxy-A32-Galaxy A42-Galaxy-A52-Galaxy A62-Galaxy A72-Galaxy-A82-Galaxy


The trademarks of monikers such as Galaxy A12, Galaxy A22, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A42, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A62, Galaxy A72, Galaxy A82 and Galaxy A92 have been mentioned in the tweet.

Since its only the trademarks that have been unveiled as of now, there isn’t much that we can say about the specifications of these devices. It would be to early to make any assumptions. However, you can stay tuned with us to get all the updates for these devices.

The first half of the year 2019 experienced the launches of A10 to A90 series of devices. In the second half of the same year, we got the updates versions of these devices that came with ‘S’ in their nomenclature system.

Considering the traditions Samsung follows, we can expect the same chronology in 2020 as well. The first half of 2020 might experience the launches of Galaxy A11, Galaxy A21, Galaxy A31, Galaxy A41, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A61, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A81 and Galaxy A91 phones. Whereas  the second half of 2020 we could get the upgraded editions of these devices like Galaxy A11s, Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A31s and so on.

However any deviations from the above assumption and expectations cannot be denied. From the above data, we can expect that the above devices that got the Samsung trademark could be for the year 2021.

However this may go, we sure are excited for the launch of all these devices and the specifications they will bring along. Share your experiences with us about your Galaxy A-series and Galaxy M-series devices.

Stay tuned for more such updates!!

Happy Androiding:-)

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