Samsung Internet Beta browser gets Grid Layout for Tab Switcher

Samsung Internet Beta Browser gets Grid Layout for Tab Switcher: One of the biggest companies dealing with a wide range of electronics, Samsung, has something brewing up. In a recent announcement, we were made aware of Samsung Internet’s recent achievement of obtaining a third-party password manager autofill support and a new Chromium search engine.

But this achievement is not stopping the software developers to pace forward. They are constantly working on the next big update.

Currently, the beta version of the browser is testing new additions like that of a grid view to the tab switching interface. This feature makes it almost similar to that of google chrome’s layout which even they are currently testing to add to its browser.


In this beta version of the browser, once you download and install it and go to the tab switcher icon, you are welcomed by a prompt which gives you three options in which you would like to view your tabs.

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These options are lists, cards or grid. Amongst these three, the grid option is the newest addition. You can get variations in this kind of tab viewing based on display size as well.

For example, you can view them in a bigger size, resembling card like squares displaying two tabs at a time when your display size is big enough or it can show two tabs just next to each other displaying up to six websites previews at a go when the display density is smaller.

You can change the display size or density in your system settings. Certain other UI features of Samsung software like a swiping down of the topmost tabs allows better access near your thumb.

Thus, with such contrasting variations, there are fair chances the grid view will change before you even use it.

Other additions to the browser update include a new context menu in the tab bar. This addition can be the layout picker option for your tabs.

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If you want you to use this option, all you have to do is click on the three-dot icon for the overflow menu to appear and then select this option. It allows you to see the initial view selector as well and lets us change the layout if you want to.

The attest Samsung Internet Beta browser is available on the Playstore and at the APK Mirror interface. The current version of this browser has been available since the month of June, so it is still fresh if you want to try it out.

Thus, we can probably sense a heat of competition between Samsung internet and google chrome trying to ace the browser interface and provide a stylish yet easily navigable browser for all your internet surfing.

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As such these variations are limited to the phones because that’s where most of the time people search for things and information. The grid view can make this look organised and give you a brief preview of the content you were searching, unlike the list and card views.

The ultimate goal is to give users a better internet surfing experience and Samsung Internet is taking no chances in letting you down.

Stay tuned with us for more such updates!

Happy Androiding:-)

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