Samsung Galaxy Flip Z undergoes Price Reduction

Earlier today we shared with you all the truth about Foldable phones. Samsung is all set to launch its Galaxy Flip Z in the coming month. Foldable phones indeed are trendy almost always and are preferred by many specifically for its looks and the sliding technology.

Unlike the earlier estimated price, the reports say that Galaxy Flip Z will be priced in between $862-$1,293.

But looks and trends is not what bothers to some. When paying a hefty amount, people do expect the best software and hardware designs and certainly better user experience. A perfect example of this situation would be the Galaxy Flip Z which will be launched parallel to Galaxy S20.

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Both the devices were expected to be priced at the same rates. However, there’s been a difference with the specifications of the two phones. While the Galaxy Flip Z would look more better in your hands and heighten your flip/slide game, the Galaxy S20 will be bringing along some really amazing features and hardware features.

We are all quite aware that the next Samsung Flagship will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 Chipset. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z will be launching only as LTE variant. This Marks a major line for the Samsung fans. Let’s be honest, not all of us will pay a huge amount only to make a phone look good at using and not actually working great.

This lessening of technology and compromises with the hardware specifications have resulted into a price cut for the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z. To support this, reports from local Korean Publications have been considered.

Unlike the earlier estimated price, the reports say that Galaxy Flip Z will be priced in between $862-$1,293. A price decrease was expected at this or coming time for the decrease in features. Well it’s amazing if you have made your mind on buying this phone.

But one thing’s clear, now it’s either looks or Specifications! You are certainly smart enough to choose and know your priorities.

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