Riot teases New Agent and Map for Valorant Act 3

RIOT teases New Agent and Map for Valorant Act 3. A new Agent will be showing up in the upcoming Valorant Update and fans will have to guess what’s its going to be; a Map?!

Riot will release Valorant Act 3 on October 13th.

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Keep everything else aside for a while. RIOT Valorant fans know ita only a matter of few days before their Valorant Act 2 will come to an end. However, it will be succeeded by the all-new Valorant Act 3 which has been teased, not once, but twice now! But we are sure, all this hype is worth it!

Riot has already introduced Patch 1.09 earlier and it chases come with various updates right from Competitive Updates, Weapons Updates, Social media updates, updates for agents, and also some bug fixes.

However, the update is still nascent and nothing much has been known out of it. But fans don’t have to be worried about that. Looks like Riot Valorant is doing all it can to let fans know what Valorant Act 3 holds.

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New Agent and Map for Valorant Act 3

On September 24, Valorant official Twitter account posted a tweet asking fans a question – “Who’s on the bench?”  It didn’t take any moment for the fans to decipher this code and answer that “Kench is on the bench“. For those wondering, Tahm Kench is a champion in Riot’s MOBA title ‘League of Legends.

And yesterday, RIOT teased New Agent and Map for Valorant Act 3, by posting a tweet that said “Decode this.” Needless to day, Valorant fans again deciphered this one too and the conclusion came forward that Riot will be adding a new Valorant Act 3 Map which will be Winter themed.

So it’s just a matter of a few days and soon we will know what all the game holds for us. From all the teasing, one thing is for sure, we are getting New Agent and Map for Valorant Act 3! Bookmark this page to keep up with all the latest updates of the game!

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