How to Remove or Reset BIOS Password

Remove or Reset BIOS Password: BIOS is a short form for Basic Input Output System which is a firmware that is used to perform jobs like Hardware initialization especially during the Booting process and also to provide runtime services for operating systems and programs. Generally, such software comes pre-installed in the system.

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So Forgetting Passwords is an issue which we face on a daily basis. But on most of the cases simply by pressing Forgot Password would do the job but for BIOS password that cannot be done and forgetting that password means bad news as you will not be able to boot your system altogether. So we are here with various methods that will help you Remove or Reset your BIOS Password. So without any more delay lets get started.


Method 1: Remove or Reset BIOS Password Using Motherboard Jumper

Step 1: Firstly remember that this is a hardware job so if you feel you are not the right person then don’t do it unless you have enough assistance.

Step 2: So now open your CPU and take out your Motherboard very slowly and carefully.

Step 3: Then look for Jumpers which can be identified as a pin sticking out with some kind of plastic covering at the end. They are usually located at the edges of the board or near the CMOS battery. If you are using a laptop then try and look under the Keyboard. Upon finding them locate their position and note it down. So of the common labels on them are 


Step 4: Now once noting their position, remove them from their current position and then place them over the remaining two empty positions.

Step 5: Then all you have to do is connect all the cables as they were and then turn the system back on and now check that the password has been cleared, if yes then repeat the above-mentioned steps but now put back the Jumper to its original position.

Method 2: BIOS Password Backdoor to Remove or Reset BIOS Password

Step 1: When you are at the lock screen, enter the password wrong 3 times. Upon doing so a fail-safe called checksum will pop up.

Step 2: In that Pop up a message arrives that the system is disabled and a number arrives within the Square brackets below the message, Note down that number. 

Step 3: Now visit the Bios Master Password Generator and enter that number which you previously noted down in the text box and then click the blue button that says Get Password.

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Step 4: Upon selecting that the website will show you several possible passwords that you may have to try out one by one until you find the right one. Remember that one of those will be the right password.

Step 5: Once you get in then all that you have to do is restart your computer and enter the same BIOS password once again without any problem.

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