Redmi Note 9S Android 11 Update can be expected soon; MIUI 12 by July end

Redmi Note 9s Android 11 Update : Android 11 update is now the latest thing that people want to know. The Xiaomi users are eagerly waiting to know about the current status of Android 11 for their handset. Now that Android 11 Beta 1 is available for various Xiaomi phone like Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Redmi k30 Pro, etc.

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Redmi Note 9s Android 11 Update Status


According to Xiaomi moderator MIUI12 will arrive to Redmi Note 9s by the end of July. The Android 11 Beta 2 update is now available for Pixel phones. Redmi Note 9S came with Android 10 along with MIUI 11. Hence Android 11 too shall soon be available for Redmi Note 9S.

Android 11 Features

There have been a lot of features that will get introduced in this new version of Android 11 –

Notification muting while taking video

It is very obvious to get angry if you receive any kind of notification while taking a serious video. So here is Android 11 which will allow you to mute the notifications while taking video.

Increase in the sensitivity of touch

People who are currently using the screen protector will get impressed by this feature. This feature enable the user to increase the touch sensitivity. One can increase the sensitivity of touch just by going to the settings menu.

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Notification History

Previously it was not possible to see the notification which you have cleared. But now with the update to Android 11, you can easily see the previous notification which you have cleared as the notification history option. This feature will be very useful.

Auto revoking

The new android version will be revoking permissions automatically for apps like camera, location, and others which are not used for a certain time.

Users can easily turn on this feature if he or she thinks that they won’t be using some apps for a certain amount of time.

Updated features for Android 11

Change in text selection mode

There has been an addition of a select button to the overview menu. Tapping this button will enable you to select text inside an app. So you can now copy the text and paste it to another app.

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Dismissing persistent app notification

There have been many times where you are swipe away a certain app. This time the new version for the Android will help you in bringing back the apps which you swiped away by mistake.

Aeroplane mode and bluetooth

In the previous version of Android that is Android 10, your Bluetooth will disappear when you turn on the aeroplane mode. This is very annoying for people using Bluetooth headsets in a flight as they have to turn it on again.

But in the Android 11, Bluetooth won’t be shutting off with the turning on of aeroplane mode.

Pinning of apps

Android users can now pin the apps they like in the share sheet.

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Enhancement in the shade of notification

It is normal to see the recent message in the notification tab when you are receiving a text. But with this Android 11, you will be able to see more threads and can compose a message.

You will also be able to send pictures from the notification bar. The notification will be arranged in a more organized way.

Enhancing one-time permissions

Previously you can tell your apps in grabbing microphone, camera or location while your app is on. But this time the OS will help you in approving the permission a single time. Moreover, it will be revoking the permission later.

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Context-aware in the dark mode

The dark mode is already there in the Android 10 version but this time you will be having the option to activate or deactivate the mode depending on the time of the day.

Upgrading the capabilities of voice access

Previously the voice access of Android was labelling all the screen’s action with a number.  This was to allow you to call that number when you say. This time Android 11 will be able to see the screen and will say you the action instead.

That was it all about the Redmi Note 9s Android 11 update status. I hope you have all found the article of use.

Stay tuned with us for more such updates!

Happy Androiding:-)

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