Red Dead Redemption developments take a hit due to GTA6 release

Rockstar games have brought to the gaming world, two very famous and widely played games, namely Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. But one might just affect the ratings of the other. Red Dead Redemption released RDR2 in 2018, and Grad Theft Auto is awaiting the release of its latest version, GTA6. Many gamers and people in the industry are speculating how the release of GTA6 will impact RDR2.


End of the crunch routine at Rockstar Studios, After a detailed study of the internal work atmosphere at Rockstar, a report came through shedding light on some interesting facts. As per the report, game development teams worked in a stressful environment. This “crunch” style working was observed in the studios in order to meet release deadlines. So, the studio has decided to discourage their teams to follow this type of working style, make it less tense. This immediately affects the release of GTA6. The game is now predicted to be released in small sizes with content added late as DLCs.

For now, it is unclear if this will delay the release of GTA6. But if the work on its development has been slowed down, the question arises how this will affect the work going on RDR at the studios.

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Completely Diverse Games

If someone has played both GTA and RDR, they will tell you about how the two games are completely different in every characteristic, the only thing common would be the large gamer ship they have amassed and become the largest selling games ever. GTA has always been a growing game, the developers have expanded the game to a much wide scope, way beyond the original intentions. Its evolution into GTA Online and the inbuilt casino has kept the game interesting and it keeps attracting gamers. But in RDR2, the scope of expansion is very limited.


GTA 6 Release

Another impacting entity will be the feedback from the gaming community once GTA6 is released (expected by 2021). If the reception of GTA6 is not very positive, developmental work on RDRs next version might be increased accordingly. But Grand Theft Auto is a contemporary game, it might not receive any lash back at all.

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An overview of the matter

But the shop talk is that the development of Red Dead Redemption is heavily based on how Grand theft Auto’s new version will perform.

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