Realme 3 Pro Project X build leaked purportedly; is it “Realme OS?”

Just like the other Asian OEMs that have created their own skins for the purpose of creating awareness about their devices and making the brand popular, Realme is seeming to be following the same path. Similar to the Famous Asian OEMs – Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus that have their own Custom skins, Realme is trying to achieve the same.

Realme 3 pro build leaked Realmeos0

Even if the status quo skin of Realme devices is powered by the Oppo’s ColorOS, we have been getting hints from the company itself with regards to the ‘Realme OS’ since May. Soon after the enigmatic ‘Project X’ for Realme 3 Pro was announced.

As we all know, there are no roots or base to the Realme OS but it is inevitable truth that Realme has been ratcheting up features and enhancements to make a Realme ColorOS edition. Some proverbial features like Refreshed UI elements, Gesture navigation, System-wide dark mode are forthcoming.

A few screenshots that were purportedly claimed to be emanated from the NDA protected Project X build for Realme 3 Pro. The hyped Quick Settings panel could be seen from this low credibility.

Somehow someone showed up sharing an alleged build of Project X for Realme 3 Pro. This weighted 2.7 GB and certainly the naming doctrine is different from what is used for the regular stable build of ColorOS. This one has got the July Security Patch level.  Realme makes use of a ‘ozip’ format so as to pack their updates. The leak has come as a typical zip archive –

Leaked build:
Stable build: RMX1851EX_11_OTA_0170_all_vdWIL8FbpHd3.ozip

One can flash this package with the help of TWRP recovery and the letter ‘W’ can be seen in the internal version number. This is quite paradoxical from the stable channel firmware which usually comes with an ‘A’ tag. The version is Android Pie and there is no reference of ‘Realme OS’ in this build. There are not much differences from the ColorOS 6. The unusual thing here is the presence of a Quick settings panel that can be pulled down and is default colored with rounded apps drawer.

That was it for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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