Realme 2/C1 USB connection bug after ColorOS 6 update, fix on the way

Many a times the updates for a device can go wrong and bring downgrades! This has been a case with many of the top brands as well. Comparatively Realme is just a novice brand that is trying hard to enter the competition and mostly has.However incidents like downgrade of features after an update is quite common. The Realme 2/C1 USB connection bug after ColorOS 6 update is the latest issue for Realme. However, the fix has come on its way to the users.

Realme 2/C1 USB connection bug after ColorOS 6 update, fix on the way

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Just a few days ago, the Realme 2 Pro got the Android Pie update in the ColorOS 6 form and after this update, the Realme 2 Pro users could not access Camera from the Lock screen after enabling the Face Unlock. They are usually getting the “Camera Error. Unable to Connect to it.” message. While this was just one of its kind issue, the ColorOS 6 Update literally broke down the USB Connectivity options for the other Realme phones.

As per the Source One reports from the user read – “One bug i want to mention in realme c1 pie update actually it is not a bug. When we connect to PC via a USB cable earlier a popup appeared to select the transfer mode i.e., photos media or charge it dont come…plz solve”.

Now this issue may have multiple reasons, the core of which being  internal quality test failure. For those who know about the Realme 2 OTA Update, might have guessed it to be the victim here. The Realme 2 received a stable Pie update in the month of July but the company decided to re-release the OTA with a new build later on. The USB Stack of Realme 2 did not go hand in hand with the ColorOS 6 Update.

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It was not just the USB Tethering that got affected but any sort of Host failed in recognizing the device. This implied that the files from Realme 2 could not be transferred anywhere via the USB.

Considering the problem, a small workaround has been recommended by the Realme Community handler – Alessio. They have confirmed the issue and are working on the permanent fix of this. While addressing and recommending the affected to Enable USB Debugging as a temporary solution to this. Apart from this, the development team is working on the issue and will soon come out with a fix, in the update next to the next.

Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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