How to Reach the Radio in Amnesia Rebirth; Fortress Puzzle Solution Guide

How to Reach the Radio in Amnesia Rebirth is a question that every Amnesia: Rebirth player needs an answer for. As most of you already know Amnesia: Rebirth is a horror-puzzle title. If you are an Amnesia player and are unable to reach the radio room, this guide is for you.

How to Reach the Radio in Amnesia Rebirth

Before we start, do note that there is a lot to do before you complete this objective. With that out of the way, let us now quickly get started with the process, shall we?

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  • As soon as you enter the old fortress, you will hear a voice on the radio.
  • Once you hear, you will have to get to the radio in-game, which as mentioned earlier, is not easy at all.
  • There are multiple rooms that you have to visit in order to reach it.
  • Also you will have to solve two puzzles to get to the objective

Puzzle 1: How to Solve the Elevator Puzzle Guide in Amnesia Rebirth

  • Firstly, you will have to reach the second floor which you can do by using the elevator which obviously will be broken.
  • You will need a winch to fix it and with that cleared up, you will have to take a left turn from the window. Check out the image below!
Image Via: Gamertweak
  • Now, you will have to keep walking and enter the door to your right by removing the barrel obstacle placed in between.
  • Next up, you will have to go left and walk ahead while lighting up your path all way along using matches.
  • Later, you will have to take right again and here on the table you will find the winch.
  • Now all you have to do is walk back the same way until you see the elevator.
  • Now, place the winch in the empty slot and use the wooden plank from nearby, place it on the elevator floor area and now you can stand on it.
  • Pulley yourselves to the top floors and with that the Elevator Puzzle ends.

Puzzle 2: How to Solve Weak Fortress Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth

  • Now, your task is to find the weak floor which is right above the radio room.
  • You will have to push the cannon towards it which can be done by adding two wheels to the cannon and you must find the two remaining wheels.
  • One of the wheels is near the cannon and the other will be in the room with a couple of dead bodies. You can check the image below.
How to Reach the Radio in Amnesia Rebirth; Fortress Puzzle Solution Guide
Image Via: Gamertweak
  • You can get the second wheel from here and put both the wheels on cannon.
  • Once done, you can push the cannon and it will keep moving ahead until it falls to the lower floor.

Now, all you have to do here is go down by yourself and use the radio to contact Doctor Mercier. How to Reach the Radio in Amnesia Rebirth. If this guide helped you, do consider sharing this with your friends and gaming buddies.

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