PUBG Taps Ex-Call of Duty Director to Build an ‘Original Narrative Experience’

PUBG with a plot! That’s the biggest news to come out of the Battle Royale Universe. PUBG Corporation, the developer behind the massively popular PUBG game for PCs and consoles, is creating a new game studio to build a new “original narrative experience” for the game, set in the same universe. This means apart from the battle Royale game mode in PUBG, the game will receive a story-driven gameplay that could make it more interesting.

A brand new studio called Striking Distance will helm the game which is still untitled. The new studio will be headed by Glen Schofield who has been credited for popular games like Call of Duty and Dead Space.

In a video posted today on Twitter, Schofield was shown appealing directly to fans of PUBG. At the same time, he was also reaching out to potential employers eager to join his team. “We are working together to build the studio from ground up, so we can begin crafting an original narrative experience in the PUBG Universe,” he said. He also confirmed through a tweet that the new game is not a sequel to PUBG.

The project is seemingly in its infancy, so little is known about the game at present. There is no information around the release date either.

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