Latest PUBG Mobile Hack October 2020

In this article, we are sharing with you all the PUBG Mobile Hack October 2020.

Needless to say, PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) is one of the most popular games out there. With millions of users and various levels of the game, it becomes all the more exciting and certainly quite difficult to play.

Considering the number of users and hackers, PUBG keeps its security high and bans any sort of hacking. However, developers across the globe are always outrunning such security norms and here we have yet another best PUBG Mobile Hack.

What is PUBG Mobile Hack?

Before you wonder, this PUBG Mobile Hack is 100%safe and secure. PUBG Mobile hack mentioned in this article comes with a mod OBB file for PUBG Mobile where you can use your original ID.

Also, the Mobile hack PUBG doesn’t require you to download any additional third-party apps or tools. Thus you are safe from getting banned as you won’t be using any tool or app that will get banned.

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The PUBG Mobile hack comes for both Korean as well Global version. So if you are playing PUBG Mobile Korean version, you can use the Korean PUBG MOD OBB Hack.

PUBG Mobile Hack

Download PUBG Mobile hack OBB and PUBG Mod Apk

 PUBG Mobile Hack Obb download

PUBG Mod apk Download 

How to Download and install PUBG Mobile Hack?

Given below are two methods using which you can download and install PUBG Mobile Hack –

Method 1. PUBG ESP Hack for Non-Root Users

We recommend you to play this PUBG esp hack in guest id.

  • To begin with, download Virtual Space for Korean/ global version from the below links –

Virtual Manager for Pubg download (Global)

Virtual Manager for Pubg download (Korean)

  • Now download Pubg esp hack tool.

Note – make sure to Not use AIMBOT 2nd Option (Banning Issue). Use only FIRST Button (ESP Only).

  • Install both the apps.
  • Open Virtual Space.
  • Next, add PUBG mobile and PUBG esp tool in the virtual space.
  • Then open Pubg mobile from the virtual space.
  • When the game opens, minimize it.
  • Then open PUBG ESP Hack from Virtual space.

Lastly, open PUBG mobile and that’s it. You are good to go.

Method 2. Direct PUBG Mod Apk 1.0.0

If you don’t want to yes the above method, you can always use this second method rather than downloading any esp hack Tool.

How to Download and install PUBG Mod APK?

  • Firstly, download the PUBG Mod apk from the links given above in the download section.

Note – the above file will work on your device only when you have Telegram app installed. So make sure to install that as well.

  • Now install the Apk file as usual. You don’t have to change or modify the Obb file.
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And you are good to go after the Apk installs!


Are there chances of getting banned of using Pubg Mod OBB File?

As of now, there have been negligible cases of anyone getting their account banned by using PUBG Mobile Hack.

Does PUBG Mobile Hack work for both Global and Korean PUBG Mobile Version?

Yes. PUBG Mobile hack works for both Global as well as Korean Pubg Mobile version. Just note that you will have to download different obb download files for the two.

Can I use any third-party ESP Hacks on this PUBG Mobile Hack?

In my opinion, No. You should not use any third-party ESP hack on this PUBG mobile hack. However, if you want to try it at your own peril, you can an external third-party app above it.

Will my account get banned if I use PUBG ESP Hack?

There are chances that you might get banned from the use of third-party application. However, if you use it carefully and without killing too many enemies and not showing off that you are a hacker, then your account won’t get banned.

What are the PUBG Mobile Mod Obb Hack Features?

  • No ban
  • No recoil
  • You can use your original ID without any hesitation
  • Available for both Global and Korean users
  • Remove grass
  • Remove bush
  • Remove fog
  • Remove rain
  • Black sky
  • Anti cheats remove(don’t use anything external)
  • No camera shake for all
  • Don’t got any inside update
  • Pron speed, movement speed, after knock also speed
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What are the disadvantages of PUBG Mobile Hack Obb?

Along with the above features, there are also some backlogs of using PUBG Mobile Mod Obb Hack like users will not be able to use any third-party ESP hack. Players will lose their skills as they will lose the habit of controlling recoil. But that’s the only drawback, the features certainly are heavier.

What are PUBG Mod APK 0.19.0 Features?

Here are some of the features of the PUBG Mod apk –

  • No ban
  • Blue Fog, Night mode
  • No/Less Recoil
  • Self Aiming
  • AntiShake
  • Instant Strike
  • No Grass
  • Haze Disappear
  • No third party
  • All Shots In Second
  • Cross Hair
  • Enemies Health
  • 360° Enemy alert
  • Item Visual
  • Enemies Distance, Distance scope
  • Teammate location
  • Auto Aim Headshot
  • Nearby enemies location

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Hope you all liked the article on PUBG Mobile Hack September 2020. In case of any doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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