Pokemon Go Crashing on iOS and iPhones after recent Update

A couple of couple of days ago, iOS received the latest Pokemon Go update on Apple store. The latest update brought a few improvements but now it seems that to many users Pokemon Go Crashing on iOS and iPhones after recent Update. 

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Changelog of Pokemon Go Latest iOS update Version 1.141.0

The latest Pokemon Go Update for iOS brought along a few changes as stated below –

  • Access to nearby Raid Battles with Remote Raid Passes.
  • Your buddy (of any Buddy Level) can now start going to nearby PokéStops to get Gifts for you to send out.
  • You’ll see a notification above your buddy’s portrait when it’s returned with gifts in hand (or paw).

Although the Changelog seems Perry amusing, in reality, the iOs and iPhone users have been reporting complaints regarding Pokemon Go Crashing on iOS after the latest update. Here’s a screenshot of it –


Another Reddit user, dreewkeefe has shared concerns regarding Pokemon Go store and friend list-

It’s been crashing on me, but I’m also having issues with the store and friend list. I can’t purchase anything in the store, and I can’t organize the friend list by who sent gifts.


Meanwhile, the very awaited Pokemon Go Community Day is going to be live on May 24, 2020. This event will be happening from 11 am to 5 pm in your local time zone. The event will bring Seedot more frequently in the wild.

As of now,there hasbt been any word from Niantic Games. However, we Hope that Niantic Games addresses the matter soon enough. So that users will not have to be worrying about the Pokemon Go Crashing on iOS and iPhone on the Pokemon Go community day.

That’s all we have for now.

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