How to Play Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare

Play Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare: The spooky season is around the corner and most of you already know that The Haunting of Verdansk event is currently happening in Warzone and the players can now experience the spooky twist in Modern Warfare. Among various other things, the game has also introduced the Night Mode to the game.

Unlike PUBG, and various other titles, there is no change in regards to the map and landscape here in the night mode. But, you will just be in the war under the moonlight and nothing else. Sounds interesting? Well, now in this guide let us take a look at How to Play Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare.


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It is worthing noting that the official COD site mentioned that you will see a creepy doll, chainsaw-wielding ghost, and a Ghost train in the game. It is advisable to use avoid tac lasers, thermal scopes, and the cold-blooded perk for survival. With that said, let us get started with our guide, shall we?

How to Play Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare

To play Warzone night mode in Modern Warfare, you should open the main menu of the game and here you can find Trick-or-Treat Trios mode. This could be confusing to most of the players, as the option to enter the night mode is not really mentioned as night mode, but mentioned as Trick-or-Treat Trios

Once you click on the options, you will enter the Warzone Night Mode and as usual, your pairing will be randomly done. The night mode also features trick or treat supply boxes and you can start collecting gifts from these boxes as soon as you land in Verdansk. A few of these valuable rewards you in these boxes are cleaver melee weapon and pumpkin punisher blueprint.

This is How to Play Night Mode in COD. If this guide helped you, do consider sharing this with your friends and gaming buddies.

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