OPPO to launch World’s first 192 MP Smartphone

For over a month now, there have been leaks and rumors about a 192 MP smartphone launch the next month. However, nobody was sure which brand would be the first to launch such a huge Megapixel camera. From the latest post on Weibo, it has been clarified that the first-ever company to launch 192 MP Smartphone is none other than OPPO.

The largest Megapixel of the current time is 108 MP which can be seen on the Xiaomi Mi 10. However, this will be soon overtaken by an upcoming OPPO smartphone. The rumors and leaks started nearly mid-March about the huge 192 MP but no word was known about the OEM.

We have now got the name of the OEM as well. While the world was expecting the huge 192 MP to be from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and so on. However, OPPO seems to have left these all behind the game.

The camera is one of the most crucial features of any smartphone device and plays a huge role in its sale. The Xiaomi Mi 10 having the highest MP till now is a great example to name.

The rumors began somewhere around the time when Snapdragon announced that its high-end Snapdragon SoCs will support 192 MP camera. However, we are not sure about the development of this sensor as of now.

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Here is a screenshot shared on Weibo-


That is all we know as of now. Stay tuned to get more updates on the story.

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