OnePlus Community App 2.6.0 Beta comes with Dark Mode

OnePlus is one of the leading mobile phone brands in the market that have potentially over taken the users of Samsung, Apple and other major brands that have been prevailing since ages. The reason why OnePlus has become so popular in such a short span of time is the community and forums it makes use of for receiving feedback and suggestions of its users.

OnePluc Community app dark theme feature

The OnePlus Community App is one such initiative in getting the views, feedback and requests of OnePlus users. This online forum comes with features like push notifications on alerts, optimized user Interface, Absolute OnePlus Forum experience, and so on.

OnePlus Community App Beta 2.6.0 Dark Theme feature

To use this Community forum, all you need is a community account and you can login through the Android app. Here, you can comment on any post and also write a new one sharing your views. This OnePlus Community app comes in-built in the OnePlus phones.

OnePlus community app

Many updates, troubleshooting guide, all are provided over this community app. The Latest feature that most of the users were waiting for to reduce strain on their eyes and the battery consumption has been finally introduced. The OnePlus Community App 2.6.0 Beta has brought with it the Dark theme Feature.


You can now become a beta tester and have fun in the dark!  Download the app from here to enjoy the dark theme on OnePlus.

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Happy Androiding:-)

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