OnePlus accidentally sent out garbled push notifications to OnePlus 7 Pro owners

Multiple Users of OnePlus 7 Pro phones worldwide were left confused after what appeared to be two garbled messages popped on to the notification screen.

The spam notifications, which appear to be made up of a random selection of characters, with some in Chinese, and others in Latin, have been leaving customers a little confused. The good news is, there is nothing to worry about.

Many confused OnePlus 7 Pro owners took to Twitter to question about the strange notifications and whether they represented a security issue. OnePlus, later in a statement, cleared the air by admitting that both the messages were part of an internal test that had gone wrong. The company, however, did not confirm how many devices had been affected.

OnePlus apologized for the matter in a tweet published early this morning. That tweet doesn’t really delve into specifics, merely saying that the push notifications were mistakenly sent to some OnePlus 7 Pro users and ending on the promise of more information to follow.

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