OnePlus 7T heating after 10.3.2 Software Update

If you happen to be a OnePlus 7T user, we have a question for you. Are you facing device heating issues after the latest software update 10.3.2? If your answer is yes you have landed in the correct place.

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In this article we will discuss the issues revolving OnePlus 7T heating after 10.3.2 Software Update and discuss the possible solutions for the same.

OnePlus 7T heating after 10.3.2 Software Update


After the latest Oneplus 7T update to software 10.3.2, many of the users have reported issues revolving device heating.

Many of the users have complained that the charger gets heated up with subsequent increase in the device’s temperature.


Some users also complained about the battery and device heating up only during playing games and attending video calls.


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Solution – Oneplus 7T heating after 10.3.2 Software Update

Many users have been disappointed because of this issue that has been persisting since the dawn of this software update for OnePlus 7T devices.

We have come up with a solution which may fix the problem for you. Follow the steps below to start the journey of resolving the issues revolving around the latest 10.3.2 software updates:

  • Disable unwanted functions like location settings.
  • Limit the usage of 4G and 3G Data for longer duration as it can cause heating issues
  •  If heating is very high, you can get the software of the device updated to the latest version.
  • The Factory Reset  can also be performed after taking backup of the data in the device

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That’s all for today. We hope this article helped you and you solved the persisting issue regarding the OnePlus 7T Software update.

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